The Real 411 on What It’s Like to Be a Wedding Planner – Sandy’s Blog in BRIDES

Oh, don’t I WISH that being a professional event planner was something nearly as glamorous as Hollywood portrays it. J-Lo made us look lazy and slutty (sorry, but it’s considered poor form to steal the bride’s man when you’re planning the wedding). And Candace Bergen in “Bride Wars” is what I aspire to be… but alas, that’s not the real world.

I wrote a reality check blog for BRIDES that tells anybody out there thinking wedding planning is a glamorous career what’s really up. I’m not saying it’s not a fun job. It’s a great job. And I love what I do. But I’m not going to pretend it’s not stressful. There’s not much about it that’s easy because even when I’ve done my job, I’m still worrying about whether all the other vendors will bring their A-game on the wedding day. And that never stops. No matter how fabulous and reliable everybody is, there’s always the weather quotient to figure in. At the end of the day. most wedding planners don’t sleep very well during wedding weeks. Especially destination wedding planners. When you take the bride and groom and all of their guests out of their confort zone for a destination wedding, the entire group becomes far more high maintenance that your usual wedding party.

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