Vieques Bride Describes her Wedding as a “Magical Day”

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I’ve got another really detailed testimonial to share from fabulous clients Angela and Russell Barbara, married on Sun Bay on Monday, April 23, 2012.  They came with an intimate group of friends and had a fabulous time on the island.

“Oh my, what a magical day we had!

I began researching the possibility of a wedding in Vieques in 2010, and I contacted Sandy with a few questions.  She warmly and promptly got back to me and was very helpful giving me a general idea of what to expect.  A year and a half later, we were finally ready to start planning this thing and I contacted her again.  She remembered me and we got to work right away.

Sandy is very upfront with you about the reality of wedding planning on that gorgeous little island, she will directly explain what is possible, yet somehow with her charm, makes you feel like anything is possible.  We are students and pretty much broke compared to most people, but she treated us as if we were VIPs.  She has tiered packages with basic services available, but within those choices, you will get A LOT of bang for your buck, and A LOT fewer headaches than if you chose to do everything yourselves.  Then you can choose her “add-ons”, extras a la carte, depending on how elaborate you’d like to get.  At no time did Sandy ever try to up-sell us on anything, and she even advised me NOT to spend money on certain things…how amazing is that?

Sandy will not only help you plan your wedding, but she will help you plan pretty much every aspect of your trip as well, including travel for you and your guests and where to stay.  Sandy was so supportive through every single step, and I have to say, this woman is hilarious.  She had me cracking up on every call, and she is even better in person.  She made me feel so special and never once did she make me feel like a crazy bride.  When we got to the island, she met us at the airport and had everything planned out to the hour–all the little details were taken care of for us and we were able to just settle in and relax.  There were was an awesome welcome basket waiting for us at our house, goodie bags delivered to our guests’ accommodations, quick, no-hassle marriage license (took less than one hour out of our day).  Her vendors and employees are just wonderful.  And how can i forget Sandy’s partner in crime, her husband, Bill.  What a cool dude, very supportive when we hit a snag with our rental car upon arrival, and was cheerful, helpful, and funny every time we saw him.

Angela and Russel posing with their guests at Sun Bay after the ceremony

The day of the wedding is really where you see Sandy and company shine.  Everything was on time, delivered, and perfect.  Not a single problem.  She arranged a gorgeous spot for the ceremony on Sun Bay beach, an amazing reception dinner at Next Course restaurant (where we had an entire outside space to ourselves), and a hilarious time doing karaoke and dancing at Lazy Jack’s on the Malecon.  My guests were happy the entire time and that meant so much to me to see them relaxing and enjoying themselves.

So much gratitude and love to Weddings in Vieques, and Sandy Malone. She is so honest and you will probably come in under budget.  Be patient, this is a tiny island after all, without access to all the resources of a bigger place.  That said they do a stunning job (I still have no idea how she managed things like our perfect wedding cake and the gorgeous flowers, they may seem like easy details but are no small feat on Vieques I am sure).  Unforgettable wedding, magical island.  Get married in Vieques!  Do the Biobay tour, stay in an amazing villa, and hire Sandy if you want the best wedding ever.”

Angela and Russell Barbara, married on Vieques Island on April 23, 2012

Until next time, happy wedding planning from Weddings in Vieques and Weddings in Culebra!



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