Vendor Coordination

It takes an experienced professional wedding planner to keep all the trains running on time on a tiny Caribbean island. “Island time” isn’t just an expression; it’s a way of life. And “mañana” doesn’t mean tomorrow, it just means “not today.”

The experienced professional wedding planners at Weddings in Vieques have created a team of vendors who will make your event flow seamlessly from one activity to the next. Sandy’s reputation as a “Schedule Nazi” has earned her the respect of both vendors and clients alike. There’s no such thing as a vendor “no show” at any event planned by Weddings in Vieques. And if something isn’t up to our standards, we’ll make it right before the clients becomes aware of the problem.


Not every caterer, photographer and musician on the island is up to our exacting standards. We’ve spent hours vetting which vendors can provide a North American-style wedding on a sleepy Caribbean island. Just because a chef has a restaurant doesn’t mean they know how to cater – it’s a completely different kind of thing. It’s our job to recommend the best service providers available for every service that you need. It’s also our job to stay on top of the vendors through the planning process, confirm schedules, and make sure that your vendors continue to provide the best products and services for the weddings leading up to yours. If we have a real problem with any vendor at a wedding, we won’t use them anymore. Even if it means telling clients that we have to cancel some contracts, we won’t risk having a substandard service on your wedding day. The professionals at Weddings in Vieques are your advocates here on the island. It’s our job to make sure that you and your wedding guests have an amazing experience in Puerto Rico for your destination wedding weekend.