Travel & Leisure Readers Name Vieques Island the Best in the Caribbean


Well, I didn’t see it myself, but I got emails from several clients yesterday who saw Vieques Island featured on NBC’s “Today Show.”  Apparently, the brilliant and wise readers of Travel & Leisure magazine have named Vieques Island the best island to visit in the Caribbean.  Imagine that!!!

What does that mean for those of you who are considering having a destination wedding on Vieques?  It means your guests are going to be chomping at the bit to get down here and see Vieques Island, and that anybody who has been questioning your judgment in choosing a tiny island off another island to celebrate your big day will finally shut up and buy their plane tickets to come down here with you.

But seriously, you can plan a destination wedding rather quickly, if the experienced wedding planner you want to work with still has your wedding date available.  But you have a much better shot at getting your first choice wedding date, wedding planner, and wedding vendors if you plan farther in advance.  We’ve been booking clients for 2010 for a couple of months already.  They don’t have to put all their money down this far out — most of their deposits will get made at the one-year-out mark, but we’ve already got their names down on the calendar so they’ll have the most choices and best vendors for every one of their events.

So I guess the secret is out, thanks to the “Today Show.”  Now everybody else knows what I’ve known for 10 years — Vieques Island is the last hidden jewel of the Caribbean.  Oh they say that we’re going to get more big resorts and that there will be a marina here sometime soon, but I’m still waiting for a major airline to fly in here like they’ve been promising with American Eagle since 1986.  I doubt the island will change that much during my lifetime.  Sure, it will get a little more crowded, and more gringos will probably retire down here, but thanks to the stewardship of Fish & Wildlife, all the best beaches will remain unpolluted by hotels and houses for a long while yet to come.

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