Top 15 Reasons to Have Your Destination Wedding on Vieques Island

Hi everybody! I’m feeling a little silly today so I thought I’d do a top ten for your entertainment. Here are 15 Reasons to Have Your Destination Wedding on Vieques Island.

  1. Everybody else ISN’T doing it
  2. It’s a part of Puerto Rico, so you don’t have to do any special, wacky paperwork
  3. Miles and miles of pristine, nearly deserted beaches that make fantastic backdrops for your ceremony and beach parties
  4. $2 ferry ride from San Juan makes the trip affordable for most of your guests
  5. Fantastic local caterers who specialize in island haute cuisine
  6. Incredible villas available for rent with panoramic views of the water, and big enough to host your wedding and reception
  7. Fantastic weather 300 days of the year
  8. It’s cooler in Vieques than in the southern 2/3 of the United States in the summer
  9. Almost everybody on the tiny island speaks English
  10. Hoteliers and other vendors enjoy getting your business, so they work hard for you and help you stay within budget
  11. The brightest bioluminescent bay in the world
  12. A hotel recognized in the book “1,000 Places to Visit Before You Die”
  13. Really good rum
  14. Wild horses roaming all over the island
  15. Most of your guests have read about Vieques, but very few will have ever been here

I just wanted to reinforce Vieques as a potential destination for your Caribbean wedding. Our island is tiny, but it’s considered one of the jewels of the Caribbean. It’s a must-see for everyone at some point, so why not make it your wedding?

I offer all my potential clients a free consultation on their destination wedding, so take advantage of me! Email to schedule your consultation, or fill out the Contact Us page on the website.

Take care! Happy Destination Wedding Planning!

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