The Huffington Post Ranks Vieques as One of the “Romantic Spots Around the World” — Top 10 Reasons Why Vieques Is Romantic!

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It’s been a pretty week here in Vieques, although we’ve kept a careful watch on “Tomas” as he’s gone from hurricane to tropical storm and now back to a hurricane.  We’re keeping the people in Haiti in our thoughts and prayers — God knows they can’t handle any more of Mother Nature’s wrath.  As usual, we’ve been lucky again this year as we approach the end of hurricane season.  My fingers are crossed til we hit December, but so far, so good.  Today’s blog was inspired by an article in The Huffington Post — they did a profile on “Romantic Spots Around the World” and, no surprise to me, Vieques made the list of the Top 19 most romantic places.  So in honor of that, I’m doing one of my famous Top Ten lists about why Vieques is romantic!  1) Miles and miles of pristine, almost-deserted white sand beach.  You can go to a different beach every day and never go to the same place twice during your vacation.  And with most of them, you can get as naked and naughty as you like because there’s nobody else there!

2) Wild Paso Fino horses roam to and fro… drive carefully!  Not a single stoplight on the whole island.  Rush hour on Sunday afternoons only when the local kids ride their horses up and down the Malecon (our version of a boardwalk).

3) Beautiful boutique hotels and lovely guesthouses run with a personal touch from their owners inspire travelers to return year after year.

4) Fantastic restaurants serving the freshest local seafood (my current favorite is Next Course — butter-poached Caribbean lobster in crab risotto with truffle oil… yummy yummy).

5) The uncrowded, friendly atmosphere of the bars and pubs makes it feel like you’re never a tourist anywhere you go.

6) The Atlantic ocean on the north side of the island and the Caribbean Sea on the south side — only five miles apart!  Choose your favorite view for sunset.  I like the back porch at Al’s Mar Azul in Isabel.

7) Views of the big island of Puerto Rico, Culebra, St. Thomas, and St. Croix from different spots on the island, depending on where you are and how clear the sky is (from a couple places — Abreeze Guesthouse in  Destino comes to mind — you can see the big island, Culebra and St. Croix at the same time).

8) The incredible history of the island as it changed ownership from country to country, then went from sugar cane plantations into the Navy’s hands, and then the amazing reclamation of Vieques by the people from the Navy in 2003 — you can visit the ruins of a sugar cane plantation and the old munitions bunkers in the same afternoon.

9) The lighthouse at Puerto Ferro is the oldest in the western hemisphere and Hacienda Tamarindo is in the book 1,000 Places to Visit Before You Die — for a tiny little island, we’re doing pretty good!

10) The brightest bioluminescent bay in the world, where you can swim, boat and kayak in glowing waters created by nature.  Our clients love to take their wedding guests for swim there the night before their weddings — talk about true romance!

Okay, I’m completely biased because I fell in love with Vieques almost 12 years ago — and I got married here — and I’m the wedding planner on the island.  Be that as it may, I think Vieques is one of the prettiest, most interesting, and breathtaking places in the world, and I feel very, very lucky to get to spend some of my life here.

Check out the link to the article!

Until next time, happy wedding planning from Weddings in Vieques!  Have you started planning your 2011 wedding yet on Vieques Island, the jewel of the Spanish Virgin Islands?


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