The Bioluminescent Bay

vieques-bio-bayThe naturally-occurring bioluminescent bay on Vieques Island is one of very few left on the planet, and it is widely considered to be the brightest bio-bay in existence. There are tours – on a big electric pontoon boat or in kayaks – available daily for individuals and groups. Weddings in Vieques has arranged discounts for our clients with the best tour providers.

Tiny dinoflagellates, microscopic one-celled organisms, emit a bright glow whenever they are agitated. What does that mean? It means that after dark, everything that moves in the bay glows!!! As you enter the bay on the boat or kayak, you’ll see neon fish shooting past you in the water. Splash and you’ll light up an entire area! All tours permit you to swim in the glowing waters, so take advantage of the opportunity for adventure! When you lift your arms out of the water, they’ll continue to glow for just a second – enough to make you see the magic of the Mosquito Bay.

It’s hard to get good pictures of the bio-bay. The best photos usually come from professional photographers using long exposures to capture the sparkling glow. But the pictures barely do justice to what is truly one of the remaining “Wonders of the World” that you can experience for yourself on Vieques Island.

Most of our clients choose to tour the bio-bay with their wedding guests the night prior to their wedding. It’s a beautiful and romantic experience!