The Best Way to Preserve Your Wedding Bouquet if You’re Having a Destination Wedding

Hi everybody! Today’s topic is quick and easy. There’s only one good way to get your bouquet preserved if you’re having a destination wedding. I don’t usually recommend specific vendors in my blog, but this is the exception to the rule. The company is called Freeze Frame It and they’re based in Ohio.

Freeze Frame It has a variety of cool ways to preserve your wedding bouquet if you’re not one to spend the rest of your life dragging your wedding bouquet around from home to home in a glass box. Don’t get me wrong, they do traditional preservations too and those are fantastic. But they also have really cool presentations in different designs. The best part is that they can preserve your bouquet no matter where you choose to get married.

First, you choose the way you want your bouquet preserved, and you make a deposit. They’ll send you a special cooler box before your wedding (have it sent directly to your planner at the destination if you’re using one) and all you or your planner has to do is pop the bouquet into the cooler box and call UPS to pick it up the first business day after your wedding. If some of your flowers die before they get there, you’ll have the option to give them permission to replace your flowers with fresh flowers of the same kind. What you don’t know about doesn’t matter, right?

I had my bouquet made into a pave design, one of the samples in their catalog, and I love it. I get so many compliments. Nobody knows it’s a wedding bouquet until I tell them, they just think it’s an awesome piece of art.

If you’re even thinking about having your bouquet preserved after your destination wedding, check out first. (And no, I don’t get any perks from the company for writing this — they don’t even know I’m recommending them)

Until next time when we’ll talk about keeping your bridesmaids and groomsmen in line at a destination wedding, HAPPY WEDDING PLANNING!


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