The Best Places to Get Married on Vieques Island

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Today’s entry is a fun one — and it’s purely subjective.  Everything you’re going to read below is my opinion.  That’s why it’s my blog, right?  But you’re reading it, so you must think I have some clue what I’m talking about.  So here we go!

The best beaches to get married on in Vieques are (in the following order): 

1) Sun Bay — With a mile and a half of palm-tree lined beach to work with you can always find the perfect empty spot for your ceremony.  If you want to save a few bucks and have your guests stand instead of sit, the beach is on an angle so everybody can see.  The beach is plenty-wide for whatever setup you want to have.

2) Red Beach — Big, wide and relatively flat, it makes a great setup if you’re getting all fancy with arches and stuff.  But be warned that it closes at dusk and the Fish & Wildlife police will toss you out of there.  So you’ve got to have your ceremony no later than 4 o’clock in the afternoon.

3) Secret Beach — Only good for elopements because of the hike down the somewhat slippery, rocky path from the parking area to the beach — but it’s gorgeous.  If you can get your minister to go out there with you :).  Also closes at dusk.

The best hotels to get married at are:

1)  Hacienda Tamarindo — Both the terrance and the pool deck make great ceremony venues with amazing views.  And yes, I’m biased as heck.  I got married there.

2)  Inn on the Blue Horizon — Yes, it’s pretty.  But it’s not even an option for brides on a budget.

I’m hoping the new W Resort and Spa that’s opening on Vieques next year may turn out to be in my top three favorites, but I’m not going to bank on it until it re-opens.  And I’m also not going to book anybody in there until I’m darn certain it’s going to be ready and open.  They’re working super hard on it and I’m impressed — but getting things completed by deadline on Vieques can be nearly impossible.  Rumor has it that the rooms are going to be mucho pricey — but I’m really excited about the spa!

The best villas/private properties for weddings on the island are:

1) Evamer — Unbelievable property with accommodations for 12 that’s designed to allow for tenting and entertaining.  Amazing view and fantastic property managers.

2) Villa Venti — A brand new villa on the hillside with views of the big island, Culebra and St. Croix.  Owned by one of the best catering teams on the island, it’s a package deal well worth the price.

3) Casa del Marullo — Located right on the water, it has a flat well-tended green lawn with a white railing that overlooks the beach.  The owners are accommodating and it’s great for other wedding entertaining as well as the big event.  A great place to get married if you like the view at Inn on the Blue but don’t have a big budget.

4) Abreeze — Another hillside paradise with stunning views of Culebra and St. Croix.  The landscaping is breathtaking and the view makes you feel like you’re at the highest point on the island.

5) Hector’s by the Sea — Only if you’ve got a very small wedding of 20 guests or fewer because the owners maintain a beautiful property and don’t want it torn up by large groups.  This is right on the water a few hundred yards down from Inn on the Blue, and the view from Hector’s is even better than the Inn.

 Note: There are many, many other beautiful villas all over the island where I do weddings all the time for different wedding couples.  The ones I’ve listed are MY FAVORITES and may or may not be exactly what you want.  I am sure this blog entry is going to hack off quite a few folks on the island who think they should have been listed.  I’m willing to take that hit because I blog for my brides and grooms, not the vendors.  I encourage you to explore your options.  With that said, please understand the criteria I use for picking my favorites is as follows —

– the view

– the condition of the property

– the caretaker/property manager is easy to work with and very helpful

– the price is right (or more than right) for what you’re getting

– it’s relatively easy to get to

– it’s a set up that works if you need to add tents due to impending inclement weather

– there is sufficient power and water to handle your event

– there are bathrooms accessible to your guests

– it is located in a safe area and has enough parking

You should use the same criteria on any island when choosing your wedding venue.  Just because a property on Vieques Island didn’t make my list doesn’t mean it’s not a fabulous wedding or reception venue.  It just means that it isn’t one of my personal top five.  But I’ll plan a wedding anywhere on the island that you want me to.

My next blog is going to be all about destination wedding etiquette.  Tune in…

 Happy Wedding Planning from Weddings in Vieques!


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