Some Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Jewelry and Warnings about How to Safely Travel with It

Happy Monday everybody!

It’s a beautiful afternoon and I am inside working. Poop! I’ll take a break from the un-fun stuff for a few minutes, and write a quick blog. I’ve noticed that brides on reality television shows (yes, I’ve been watching them again) seem to wear an awful lot of jewelry. Sometimes, they even go out and rent jewelry.  Sometimes elaborate jewelry is just right for the style of dress the bride has chosen.  Other times, it just looks cheesy.  Fake jewelry is always fake jewelry, and most women can spot it.  So keep that in mind when the nice lady behind the counter at Macy’s is trying to convince you that the giant chandelier earrings will look real on your wedding day.  They won’t.  Believe me.  This is truly one of those times when less is more.  If you have real bling, wear real bling.  But as much as possible, keep the fake stuff in your closet on your wedding day.

Wedding jewelry is a topic that doesn’t come up very often in my consultation calls with clients because most of the time, brides choose to wear jewelry that is significant to them because of the family connection or because it’s a gift they received from the groom.  Hopefully, they choose jewelry that is flattering with their wedding gown. But again, I don’t have much to do with choosing jewelry because I am down in Vieques planning their weddings. Once they get to Vieques, it’s too late to do anything about it.

I always worry about my clients who are traveling with jewelry that cannot be replaced. Family heirlooms and that sort of thing. It doesn’t matter how much insurance you have if your mother will never forgive you for losing your grandmother’s pearls.  Remember, you must ALWAYS wear your jewelry or carry in it your purse when you’re traveling.  Don’t even put it in your carry-on luggage. You are going to be putting your carry-on bag in an overhead compartment, right? And you might doze off during a long flight, right? So you might not notice if somebody else reaches into your carry-on at some point during the flight. Put all valuable jewelry on your person or in your purse or leave it at home!

A few jewelry tips to keep in mind when you’re making your selections:
— Don’t wear anything on your left hand the day of the wedding.  Put your engagement ring on your right hand until after the wedding ceremony. That means you can’t wear too much on the right hand that day.
— If you have an elaborate neckline on your down, for example, a lot of beading or embroidery, stay away from fancy necklaces. This is the perfect time to wear a really spectacular pendant.
— If you plan to wear your hair down, don’t plan to wear chandelier earrings. Your hair will get wound up in the earrings during the course of the evening when you are dancing and hugging people, and it will look very strange in the pictures.
— If you have multiple earring holes in your ears, your wedding day is a good time to be conservative about how many earrings you choose to wear.  It can be very distracting looking in those close up romantic pictures.
— Seriously consider whether it is a good idea to travel with all of the jewelry you are intending to bring. If you are having a reception back home, you can wear the sentimental items then and not have to worry about traveling thousands of miles and keeping everything safe.

Disclaimer: I don’t claim to be an expert on wedding jewelry. I have a friend who’s a Silpada representative and she is always willing to work with my clients directly to help them choose the best look for the most important day of their lives (and she gives my clients a discount).  I just know that I’m the one who holds the bride’s hand while she tearfully explains to the insurance company that yes, she did pack a diamond bracelet in her suitcase and it didn’t make it to Puerto Rico.  ‘Nuff said.

Until next time, happy wedding planning from Weddings in Vieques and Weddings in Culebra!


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