Send a Destination Wedding Save-the-Date Your Guests Can Use!

I love it when my brides come up with brilliant new ideas. And I share them with my other brides when I think it would work for them. Today’s blog features a really creative Save-the-Date card by Jen Shen and her fiancé Mike Phelan (Vieques wedding date: August 30, 2008).

Jen and Mike bought luggage tags at Oriental Trading (I think) and created individual inserts with their Save-the-Date info on them. Jen writes:

Attached is a copy of the insert we put on the opposite side of the luggage tag. Each tag with insert cost us only 0.56 a piece! I’m not sure if there will be an extra fee for mailing them, but since they were so inexpensive I’m not worried about it. Feel free to let any other brides know about it. It was a fun, easy, and budget-friendly project. It might a bit frustrating for someone who doesn’t know Photoshop or computers. We had some trial and error moments, but all in all it was great. And well worth it!

Another clever bride of mine is using luggage tags as the place cards for her reception (props to Megan Conner in San Francisco for this idea). They’ll serve as both her place cards and as her wedding favor to her guests.

I’ve seen lots of clever Save-the-Date ideas done by different brides, although most girls just go with a traditional card. If you are doing a card, consider using a tropical logo for your Caribbean destination wedding. Vistaprint has some cute ones with palm trees, beaches and coconuts. And they are really affordable. Try to stay away from the traditional linked hearts, daisies, and child bride and groom that are so common on pre-made wedding stationary. Find something that represents where and how you’ll be getting married — your guests will love it!

Until next time… Happy Wedding Planning!

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