Rehearsal Dinner Etiquette for Destination Weddings

Hello Brides! Let’s do a quick review of destination wedding etiquette for rehearsal dinners. It’s a question I get asked about all the time.

Although there are no hard and fast rules for Caribbean destination weddings, there are a few etiquette guidelines you should try to adhere to if your budget permits. One of them is the rule about who gets invited to a rehearsal dinner. Traditionally, family members, the wedding party and their spouses, and out-of-town guests are included in the rehearsal dinner guest list. Of course, all of your guests are from out-of-town at a destination wedding. So who do you invite? Everybody!

It’s really tacky to exclude some of your guests from any event at a destination wedding unless it’s something just for the wedding party, like a little bridesmaids’ luncheon the day of the wedding. If you can’t afford to do a rehearsal dinner for everybody, you should investigate less expensive options, like a casual barbecue on the beach, before you consider not inviting everybody to the event. You can easily host a beach party or a pig roast for a heck of a lot less than a formal rehearsal dinner for half your number.

Remember, your guests have spent considerable time, money and effort to be there with you to celebrate your wedding. They won’t care if you’re feeding them hamburgers on the beach instead of lobster tails in a restaurant as long as you’re all together having fun. In my opinion, beach parties are a lot more fun than traditional rehearsal dinners anyway.

Remember, your island destination wedding is limited only to the scope of your own imagination, or the imagination of your Caribbean wedding planner!

Happy Wedding Planning!

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