Reception Venues

vieques-receptions-3451There are a variety of different reception venue options all over the island, from boutique hotels to extravagant waterfront villas. We have access to villas in the hills with views of the big island, St. Thomas, Culebra and St. Croix, as well as beach cottages on the water with beautiful lawns for entertaining.

We work closely with you to make sure you have just the right spot for you. We’re happy to do pre-planning tours of the island with clients who prefer to visit in person to make their venue selection, or we can show you dozens of options online. Whether you prefer a chic South Beach look or an island-casual venue, we have some of everything to satisfy every taste and budget.

A number of the best villas in Vieques have named Weddings in Vieques as their exclusive wedding planners because of our excellent reputation for taking care of properties and returning them in the same condition in which we got them. Some of these villas waive event fees or offer reduced rates for clients of Weddings in Vieques. Many of our clients claim they saved enough money to pay for our wedding planning fee just in the discounts we were able to obtain during their wedding planning process.

Occasionally, clients with small groups of guests find it more cost effective to host their reception dinner at a restaurant venue. We have a number of different restaurants we recommend and who will work closely with us to ensure your wedding dinner feels like your reception, not just like another night out to dinner on the island.

vieques-receptions-345Your wedding reception is an entirely different kind of event from anything else you’ll host during your destination wedding weekend. The food must be top-notch, the service impeccable, and the venue decorated in a stylish and sophisticated manner that suits you. We have spent years vetting the caterers on this island, eliminating the ones who couldn’t reach the bar of taste, service and class we’ve established for clients of Weddings in Vieques. As a result, our caterers are

Most wedding venues allow you to choose and use any caterer you like – and so we give you multiple menus to look at and decide which best suits your culinary tastes. Some clients want upscale Puerto Rican food, to keep in line with the flavor of the island. Other couples want upscale tropical and Caribbean foods from all over the island chain. And some destination wedding clients just want to be certain they are serving the same level of hauté cuisine they would give to their guests if they were getting married in a posh country club up north. Whatever makes your taste buds happy is possible in Vieques. We give you the menus to review and tell you to choose the one that makes you hungry – and then we work closely with you and the caterer to develop the perfect menu for your wedding night and your budget.