RealityTV Recap — “Marriage Boot Camp” on WE Has Scary Drama with Drunk, Angry, Lie Detector Flunkies

Hi there!

So you know I can’t help being addicted to WEtv’s “Marriage Boot Camp” because I REALLY wanted to know what those horrible “Bridezillas” turned out to be as wives. I am not disappointed. But we’ve found out it’s not all about the girls. Lots of boys with serious ANGER MANAGEMENT issues and girls with jealousy issues. Oh wait, they’re grown men and women and they’re supposed to be married. But some of them don’t act like it.

Check out my recap of episode 9 – next week is the season finale and you wanna be caught up for the madness. One of the wives is going to pull a knife! I’ll be live-tweeting from @SandyMalone_ – join me to play!



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