Packing Early for Your Caribbean Destination Wedding Weekend

Hola Brides and Grooms!

It’s a beautiful day in Vieques and I’m planning to escape and spend a few hours at Navio Beach with some friends who are in town.  But first, I wanted to write a quick blog entry about something really important but often ignored til the very last minute — packing!!!

Okay, so maybe you think you’re already a professional packer.  Maybe some of you travel for work all the time and are like I used to be — you have an entire cosmetic bag with duplicates of everything for travel and you just toss it all in an go!  Regardless of how good you are at stuffing three suitcases of clothing into one bag, there are a few important things to know about packing for your wedding.

– You cannot start packing for your destination wedding weekend too early — so get started now!

– From the first minute you decide to get married in the Caribbean, you should create two boxes — one labeled “ship” and one labeled “pack.”  As you acquire everything for your big day, it should get tossed into one of these boxes.  We’ll talk about the “ship” box another day, but the “pack” box will help you figure out how much extra suitcase space you’re going to need and keep you from having to hunt for things the week before your wedding.

– Put the following things in the “pack” box as soon as you get them: wedding shoes, tiara (or headpiece, or hair clip, or boxed veil), special makeup for your wedding day, perfume for your wedding day, wedding purse, wedding rings (you’ll put them in your carry-on luggage), bathing suits, beach coverups, sunblock, flip flops, and anything else you’re not likely to need to use before the big day.  Once you have a few bridal showers, you’ll have even more silly stuff to toss in the box.  Dont’ forget to make a packing list and start accumulating things for the groom too!

– Section off a part of a closet, or spend $30 at Container Store and buy a standing, rolling clothes rack, to separate out the hanging clothes you’ll be packing.  This includes the groom’s wedding attire, shirts that wrinkle, and most of the clothes the bride will be bringing.

Starting your packing as early as possible will help you keep yourself in check as to how much you’re bringing, and it will also tell you if you need to ship some of this stuff to your wedding planner in advance.  With the rates the airlines have started charging for baggage, sometimes it’s worth the effort to save some money by mailing things to me.

If you are going to be honeymooning immediately after your Caribbean destination wedding, I suggest you pack up all your clothes, lingerie and whatever that you’ll need for the honeymoon and mail it to your wedding planner ahead of your trip.  You can switch the stuff into your suitcases and mail your dirty laundry back to yourselves from Vieques (isn’t that a special package to come home to :)? ).

 DO NOT PACK YOUR WEDDING GOWN IN YOUR SUITCASE!!!  It doesn’t matter how many times I tell people this, they still do it.  We haven’t had any major disasters yet, but it’s only a matter of time before the airline loses a bride’s suitcase and doesn’t get it over to Vieques until the day after the wedding.  Don’t let that be you!!!  You have two options for transporting your wedding gown — you can hand-carry it onto the plane or you can mail it to your wedding planner in advance.  If you choose to mail it, make sure you talk to your wedding planner about what method of shipping she recommends and how much she suggests you insure it for.  And then make darned sure you let your planner know when you have mailed the gown so she can be watching out for it!

I’ll do my next blog about another May wedding (I’m still trying to get caught up), but right now I’m focused on the wedding I’ve got tomorrow — the bride and groom (TJ and Scott) will be married on the beach at Sun Bay tomorrow afternoon.  It’s a true elopement — they’ll be calling their families to share the good news after the deed is done.  The groom arrived with a nasty head cold a couple of days ago, and the bride has been doing her best to burn it out of him with sunshine and rum.  Keep your fingers crossed that he’s feeling better by tomorrow afternoon.

Until next time, happy wedding planning from Weddings in Vieques!  Have you started planning your Caribbean destination wedding on Vieques Island yet?


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