True Story of What Happens to Ice (and Ice Sculptures) in the Caribbean – Sandy’s Blog in BRIDES

I tell every client that you can have pretty much anything you want at your wedding, as long as you can afford it. Sure, there are some exceptions to the rule – don’t ask me for peonies and tulips in the tropics, please – but most of the time, money can make pretty much anything happen.

So using that philosophy, I had to learn how to bring an ice sculpture to a destination wedding on Vieques Island, a place where you can’t even use the ice to make a sculpture because it cracks when you carve it.

Read this true story in BRIDES and have a laugh. Learn from my own suffering for other clients and don’t repeat my mistakes!

Until next time, happy wedding planning from Weddings in Vieques and Sandy Malone Weddings & Events!



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