Much Ado About Nothing — Hurricane Omar Misses Vieques!

Hi Folks!

Just a quick blog today to let everybody know that Vieques survived Hurricane Omar unscathed.  He went just a few degrees too far to the east to hit us because he had a super tiny eyewall.  Even St. Croix got off pretty easy, and Omar passed over the eastern tip of their island.  If it had been a big hurricane like Ike earlier this year, or Hurricane Ivan back in 2004, then we would have been in big trouble.  But Mother Nature helped us out and today you wouldn’t know we were expecting a hurricane yesterday if not for all the houses that still have hurricane shutters up!

Of course, this is the first time I was actually here on the island for something that came so close to us, so it was a real learning experience for me.  First, we put up our hurricane shutters, stocked up on water and gas, and made sure the generator was good to go.  And then we focused on making sure things were away from the ventana windows inside the house, because if it rains sideways, you’re bound to get a little wet.  For me, that meant tearing apart most of my office and bagging up all the computer equipment, just in case.  Yuck!  But after all that effort, we watched Omar sail by us to the east at 3 am and when we went to bed, it wasn’t even raining!

This is good news for next week’s wedding couple — Alison and Tom.  They’ve been to Vieques before and I’m fairly certain that they would have handled it well if we’d had to move some things around or change plans due to hurricane damage, but it certainly wasn’t what any of us wanted to do.  They’ve spent a year planning, the last thing anybody wants to do is move locations or change vendors.  Clearly, they’ve got all sorts of good karma owed to them because 24 hours ago, they were predicting a direct hit to our island!

I’ve gotta go finish putting things back together and catch up on the work I’ve missed over the last few days — but many thanks to all of you who have sent emails and texts checking up on us.  Vieques is still here — and so is Weddings in Vieques!  It was clearly all much ado about nothing!

Until next time, happy wedding planning from Weddings in Vieques!


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