Mike Phelan and Jennifer Shen (August 2008)

Dear Sandy and Bill –

Thank you guys so much for all of your help with our wedding! Jen and I were both blown away by how helpful, friendly, and overall awesome you guys were!

Since there aren’t any other testimonials up by grooms, let me be the first to say this to all the grooms-to-be out there: Gentlemen, hire Sandy! Jen and I were going to try to plan our own wedding in Vieques long distance from Ohio. I was set on it. We probably could have pulled it off, but no way could we have had such a beautiful, organized, and FUN time without Sandy’s help. We would have been running around like crazy trying to do everything ourselves, and would have missed out on all the fun of our own wedding.

Instead the weekend was exciting and relaxing for us as well as our guests. It made sense financially too. One of the reasons I wanted us to plan our own wedding was to save on cost. I was a little irritated when Jen told me she had hired a wedding planner, but I was amazed when Sandy paid for herself twice over with how much money she saved us – and that was only within the first 48 hours of her helping us plan! Sandy also did a marvelous job of keeping Jen sane throughout the whole wedding planning process. She knew just when to offer Jen a lot of options and when to tell her, “Well, there are other ways, but this is what you should do.” We almost always took her advice, and were definitely glad we did!

In addition to all of the help with planning our wedding, I was surprised and impressed with how much help Sandy and Bill were during our wedding weekend! From the minute they picked us up the day we arrived, to bringing over items guests had left at the wedding reception, Sandy was amazing!

Mike Phelan, Married in Vieques on August 30, 2008

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