Meg Connor and Jason Humphries (January 2008)

It has been a little over two weeks since my daughter’s wedding in Vieques. We are still in the “After Glow” of the wedding and all of the fun we had. Although we are back home, our hearts and thoughts are reliving every event, experience and time spent with family and friends on the island. It was a trip and wedding none of us will ever forget – (and in no small part) thanks to Sandy.

Sandy has been awesome to work with. She is very organized, calm, and cool with a fun sense of humor. She is also very smart and island savvy. Meg & I originally planned to pull the wedding off on our own. Since Meg & J knew folks on the island, we had some connections and so it seemed possible. It wasn’t until the person who was going to perform the ceremony and get all of the paperwork, legalities of the marriage, etc. taken care of backed out, in fact – disappeared – that we got a bit concerned about planning this from so far away. Meg is in California and I am in Minnesota. Then the cake lady backed out as she had family issues and had to head to the states. Even the florist was wavering. Then Sandy sent me an email introducing herself and offering to pull everything together for us.

Our decision to hire Sandy was undeniably one of the best! We enjoyed a stress free wedding – yes, a stress free wedding, making it possible to enjoy our surroundings, our family and friends even that much more. She very subtly guided us through all of the legalities, procedures, logistics and events keeping things running smoothly and on time.

We hope to return to the island someday and spend a little time with Sandy and Bill. They are a great team and we love ‘um!

Best wishes to you as your wedding plans unfold.

Marsha Conner, Mother of the Bride, Married in Vieques on January 26, 2008

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