I Want My Clients to Have Fun With It,” Says Wedding Planner Sandy Malone of TLC’s ‘Wedding Island

“I hope the show is a good reflection of the wedding environment. I just want my clients to have fun with it all. And we want people to come to the island – most people haven’t heard of Vieques.” Read more 


TLC Commits to Wedding Island on Thursday Nights

“(Los Angeles, Ca.) TLC makes destination wedding dreams come true in WEDDING ISLAND, a new series following wedding planner extraordinaire, Sandy Malone and her team of experts as they navigate the logistical challenges of coordinating nuptials on Vieques Island, a tiny rock in the Caribbean. WEDDING ISLAND premieres with a full episode sneak peek on Wednesday, July 17 at 10 PM ET/PT with the second episode airing the following evening in its regularly scheduled timeslot of Thursdays at 10 PM ET/PT.” Read the press release

lantern-sandy-maloneOhio State alumna Sandy Malone to premiere reality show ‘Wedding Island’ on TLC in July

“From the confines of The Lantern newsroom to orchestrating black-tie affairs on the white sand beaches of a Caribbean vacation spot, Ohio State alumna Sandy Malone has had a busy career.

In her first granted interview since the premiere of a new cable television series was announced in a TLC press release Monday, Malone gave The Lantern an exclusive glimpse into the career that landed her the show and what viewers can expect.” Read more

atlantic-sandy-malone-viequesMrs. & Mrs. Smith: How Some Gay Couples Reclaim Old Marriage Traditions

“In many cases, gay couples take the entire process more seriously,” suggests wedding planner Sandy Malone. “They want those traditional words. They want the world to say, ‘You’re normal, you’re just like everybody else.” Read more