Mary Bounds and Edward Gregory (May 2008)

Edward and I are high school sweethearts who have been dating for eighteen years. When planning our wedding, we knew that a destination wedding was best for us. We looked into several resorts. We even vacationed at an all-inclusive in Mexico to determine if it could be a potential wedding location. However, we were very disappointed in how impersonal the commercialized weddings are.

Then our best friends moved to Vieques. We vacationed there and knew immediately that this was our wedding destination. Vieques is one of the most unique places in the world with unspoiled beaches, gorgeous Caribbean-blue water, and horses that roam free. It is a true paradise.

Our friends recommended Sandy to plan our wedding. I knew from the get-go that Sandy was going to do everything in her power to make sure that our wedding was perfect. She helped with all of the details including choosing sites for our ceremony and reception, planning our beach party, and booking our Biobay tour.

Sandy even put out a few unexpected fires along the way. She was able to recognize a bad situation when the Villa that my parents had reserved, which was the location of our welcome party, was burglarized a week before our wedding. She strongly suggested that we move my parents – and welcome party – elsewhere. She recommended Abreeze (a gorgeous Villa with the most amazing view and eternal breeze) for their accommodations and Coqui Fire Café for our welcome party. Both were absolutely perfect. My parents loved the guesthouse, and all of our guests had a blast sipping on margaritas and enjoying the fabulous Mexican food at Coqui Fire.

There were other unexpected hitches along the way. Sandy helped our friends, whose flight was delayed, find a hotel in San Juan until they could make it to Vieques. Then when the rental vehicles that Edward’s parents had rented had major problems, Sandy pulled some strings and got them a Jeep for the weekend (amazing when rentals are a thing of rare commodity in Vieques). That is not all. On our wedding day, a member of our wedding party went snorkeling and lost his car key in the Caribbean. Without delay, Sandy diffused the situation and had the rental company meet him at the beach with an extra key.

Our wedding day was absolutely fabulous! Our best friend John officiated our ceremony at Sun Bay Beach. Sandy helped to “fluff” my dress, and Bill was present the whole time to make sure that bystanders did not ruin our photos. Our reception at Tradewinds was amazing. Sandy did all of the decorations – from the bouquets we carried to the centerpieces on the tables. And her assistant, Janie, helped everything go as planned.

We later met Sandy and Bill at Al’s Mar Azul for the afterparty. Sandy had arranged for a taxi to transport all of our guests safely. It was great seeing them at the conclusion of our wedding. We had a great time singing, dancing, and celebrating our marriage.

I would definitely recommend Weddings in Vieques. Sandy and Bill are awesome. They did a great job with our wedding, and we have made awesome friends. We can’t wait until our anniversary to “relive” our amazing wedding with all of our friends in Vieques.

Mary Gregory, Married in Vieques on May 30, 2008

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