Make Your Wedding Day All About You!


There are two kinds of brides — the kind who plan their weddings with themselves in mind, and the ones who plan their weddings with their guests in mind. To be honest, the perfect bride is a combination of the two, but more often than not girls go one way or the other. Regardless of what kind of bride you are during the wedding planning process, it’s important that you make it all about you on your wedding day.

Your wedding day will fly by you. You’re going to have a lot to do getting ready — hair, makeup, pictures, etc. If you can avoid it, don’t have any extra events on your wedding day. I know brunches and bridesmaids’ luncheons are popular, and I’ll plan them when the bride requests it. But it really adds a lot of stress on the wedding day when you don’t need to have anything on your plate except getting ready. Forget going to the beach. If there’s a pool where you’re staying, you might get there for an hour to veg out. But don’t make any plans to meet anybody anywhere — you might not feel like it.

Some girls like to schedule a massage the day of their weddings. Some of us can’t relax enough to enjoy it. My mom treated me to one, but if I had it to do over, I’d have done it a few days earlier. Like the morning before my guests arrived. Do what appeals to you.

Loosely plan out your wedding day in advance. Make arrangements for a special breakfast. You might not feel like eating but you should try. Having what you like on hand helps. Get your hair and makeup finished an hour earlier than you think you need to be ready. Sometimes even the best laid plans get delayed a bit. Better safe than sorry.

Don’t let your guests drive you insane. Destination weddings can be hard on a bride if you’re staying in a hotel with all of your guests and all of your good friends keep stopping by the room to visit with you on your wedding day. It’s okay to put out the “Do Not Disturb” sign. It’s okay to have a bridesmaid run interference for you.

Make a point to save a few minutes alone with your mom and dad — BEFORE YOU GET YOUR MAKEUP DONE. Even if you’re not a crier, it’s an emotional day. Try to get the sappy stuff out of the way as much as possible before you get your makeup done. Some tears are unavoidable. Others can be scheduled, silly as it sounds.

Be sure to have your wedding planner (or your MOH) put together food for your room after the wedding reception is over. Most bridal couples don’t really eat much at their own receptions and if you’re having a destination wedding on a small island, you might not be able to get anything to eat late at night when you finally realize you’re hungry. Head off the problem by making arrangements to have some of your reception leftovers or some sandwiches stashed in your room for a late night snack.

I could make a thousand more suggestions, but you know yourself best. What do you need to do for yourself on your wedding day? Whatever it is, plan it in advance and make sure you have time to do it. I’ve never heard a bride say “I wish I’d done more on the day of my wedding.”

Until next time, happy wedding planning!

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