Keeping Your Groomsmen Sober for Your Island Wedding Ceremony

Happy Sunday!

Today’s blog is about making sure the wedding party isn’t drunk before your wedding ceremony.  You might wonder why I’m not writing about keeping them sober throughout the wedding weekend, but I’m a realist.  They’re in the Caribbean, to them it’s a vacation — the wedding party is going to drink pretty heavily all weekend.  My biggest concern is making sure that everyone is in good shape when it’s time for the bride to walk down the aisle.

You don’t need to worry too much about the girls on the day of the wedding.  They have plenty to do getting pretty and keeping the bride from climbing the walls.  Heck, sometimes I’m the one mixing the drinks if we have a particularly uptight bride an hour before her ceremony.  But the boys are a whole different animal.

There’s really only one way to ensure your groomsmen won’t drink too much on the day of the wedding — keep them busy.  Have your wedding planner incorporate them into the setup of your ceremony and reception.  It kills two birds with one stone — it keeps them relatively sober and it saves you money in staff.

No one wedding planner and her helper can wind Christmas lights in all of the trees at the reception while taking care of everything else that day too.  Usually, I bring in extra staff for setup if I don’t have enough hands on deck.  So from the very beginning of the wedding planning process, I tell the bride that the groom and the groomsmen belong to me on the wedding day to help get everything set up.  This solves two dilemmas right away: 1) I usually have all the help I need, and 2) I can keep an eye on the guys and make sure they’re drinking at least as much water as beer.

Caribbean destination weddings are beautiful and a whole lot of fun, but they also seem to bring out the worst in people.  Someone who wouldn’t usually get drunk and make an ass of himself may forget himself entirely after too many glasses of rum punch in the sun.  It’s important to have a plan in mind from the very beginning that precludes that possibility.

Finally, trust your wedding planner’s judgement.  If she tells you that somebody is too drunk to participate in your wedding or commitment ceremony, let her ask that person to skip the vows and take a nap before the reception.  Don’t you do it yourself — you don’t need that kind of stress and negativity on your wedding day.  You also don’t want a member of the wedding party to puke on a palm tree as your guests watch when the sun gets to him or her during your beach ceremony.  When they sober up, they’ll thank you for it.  Nobody wants to become a living legend about what not to do when you’re in a wedding.

Tomorrow we’ll talk about having your Caribbean destination wedding in the middle of the week versus a weekend.  What are the pluses and minuses of each.  Today I’m going to sort out the contents of all of the boxes I’ve received from Megan and her mom for Megan and Jason’s January 26th wedding at Evamer so that everything is split up by event and I’m sure that nothing got broken on its way to Vieques.

Happy Wedding Planning!


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