Jose Vazquez and Michele Reid (January 2009)

After marrying the man of my dreams on January 17, 2009, the next best part of getting hitched in Vieques was Sandy Malone and the amazing staff of Weddings in Vieques. Ten months earlier, when we initiated planning, Sandy proclaimed, “when you set foot in Vieques, you’ll be on vacation.” Well, she wasn’t joking! Three days of breathtaking ocean views at a luxurious villa, plus some serious beach time in Sun Bay and, later in Culebra, made the perfect setting for our destination wedding. The delicious food at family dinners, the beach party, and the wedding reception went hand in hand with my brother Mike’s signature call for “uno mas” rounds of sangria and mojitos to celebrate the marriage of his little sister and new brother-in-law. My family and friends had such a wonderful time that before the reception ended, several people asked “when we were coming back?!”

It’s true: my wedding was the happiest day of my life – I’ve never smiled or laughed or danced so much! And there were so many memorable moments: cracking up as I listened to Maliq, my eight year old nephew, swear he wasn’t going in the water, all the while pulling on a snorkeling mask and fins and dragging a huge, inflatable alligator towards the waves; seeing my sister Mabel come to life as the queen of the cha cha line dance; watching my Aunt Marilyn lead the electric slide and try out salsa steps with the catering staff; smiling at my parents as they relaxed side by side on the sofa; chuckling with Sharon, our taxi driver, as we piled fourteen family members into her van; and witnessing the beginning of a new family as we gathered around the table to feast on Jose’s scrumptious breakfast the morning of the wedding. And none of these moments would have been possible without Sandy’s meticulous planning and thoughtful coordination, and her staff’s fun-loving nature and outstanding professionalism.

Cheers to Weddings in Vieques!!
Dr. Michele Reid, PhD, Married in Vieques on January 17, 2009

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