Special Events Rental Equipment

vieques-special-events-rentalsOur company has a special relationship with an amazing local rental equipment company who will provide tents, tables, chairs, linens and a host of other items for your wedding events. They’re on time and they’re reliable, and everything is in good condition. And they offer discounts exclusively to our clients!

vieques-rentals-beach-volleyballThere are some things you need for a beautiful wedding that cannot be rented on Vieques, so we’ve slowly added these things to our own inventory and will rent them to our clients at reasonable rates. We have lots of décor items available for our clients’ use, including iron tiki torches, vases of all shapes and sizes, hurricanes, candles, lighting, sea glass, some linens and furnishings, more. You can save a fortune when you don’t have to mail all the elements of your décor and centerpieces to the island.