Inspired Bridesmaid Invitation Gifts Are Newest Trend in Weddings

Bride Erica Gilerman created this fun gift box to invite her girls to be bridesmaids


Brides don’t just receive gifts during their bridal showers and pre-wedding events, they have to give a lot of gifts as well. Etiquette indicates couples must give gifts to their parents, to the members of the wedding party, and to anybody who hosts an event on their behalf.

Gifts for your bridesmaids and groomsmen are the couple’s way of thanking their wedding party for being a part of the big day, standing up beside them while they take their marriage vows. A gift for a member of the wedding party should never be an accessory that must be worn on the wedding day – that’s called dressing your wedding party, not thanking them.

It’s a fairly new trend to give the members of the bridal party gifts to ask them to be in the wedding, but it’s quickly become a crazy popular thing to do. Most brides don’t spend a fortune on it, and use it as an opportunity to DIY some things for their bffs. It’s popular and practical to give the girls something they can use during your wedding planning, but again, the gift shouldn’t be all about what that bridesmaid can do for the bride.

Lots of brides put a bottle of something in the gift to inspire celebrations. I’ve seen champagne used occasionally, but most brides take the opportunity to personalize things a bit more by giving something the recipient likes to drink, or that they’ve made some memories drinking together. More than one box has included a bottle of Fireball with a big bow.

The stemless wine glasses are available in the skylines of most major cities


I absolutely love it when brides create personalized labels for the bottles with an invitation to be a bridesmaid, but I’ve recently seen something else that is really neat. Uncommon Goods, a company that sells handmade, recycled, and organic products, offers stemless wine glasses in pairs of two that feature the skyline of most major cities. The company works in a socially and environmentally-friendly manner to help artist and small manufacturers bring their products to market. The etched skylines were designed by a bride named Stephanie Miller, from Baltimore, who first made the etched glasses for her wedding party.

For a destination wedding, brides might consider gifting something more practical like a travel cocktail kit for a trendy drink. These Moscow Mule and Old Fashioned carry-on cocktail kits will provide your wedding party with a complimentary libation during their flight, or upon arrival at their accommodations. And let’s face it, who doesn’t like to have a drink ready and waiting after a long trip?

Not every bride wants to give booze-related gifts, and that’s just fine because there are so many other things you can use as gifts for your wedding party. Spa-themed packages of goodies for the ladies are always appreciated. Some brides like to give gift certificates for massages or facials, to use in anticipation of the wedding. But others like to take a more personalized approach, with bath salts or other goodies to spoil themselves at home.

Flowers girls and junior bridesmaid invitations require a little bit more thought, but are just as fun to make. There are several really great storybooks about being a flower girl that make fantastic presents and help little girls get prepared for their role in the wedding. Or you can try putting together an active box for those girls (age appropriate, of course), with fun beauty items like make-your-own-color nail polish kits.

Remember, you don’t HAVE TO give a special gift when you ask someone to be in your wedding party. The honor should be enough. It’s perfectly okay to invite a friend to dinner and pop your question over a glass of wine. Even if you do give a bridal party invite gift to ask them, you still have to choose appropriate gifts for your bridesmaids and groomsmen when the big day arrives.

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