Tips for the Bride on How to Choose Your Maid of Honor


With all the details to sort out for weddings, from guests’ food allergies to finding the perfect wedding band, you would think that one of the easiest decisions to make would be selecting your maid of honor. While the choice is simple for some, picking their childhood bestie that set you up with your future spouse, others are having a tougher time figuring out which of their bridesmaids will fill the spot. It’s a big decision, probably as significant as choosing where to get married which we’ve previously tackled here on Weddings in Vieques.

Choosing your bridal party could have already been an ordeal if you forgo advice laid out by Bridal Guide, so you can imagine how hard it’ll be to name just one of them as the leader of the pack. To help you narrow down your options and take some of the pressure off your shoulders, keep the following in mind:

1) Give yourself time to evaluate your decision

Brides Magazine suggests that you ask yourself a few questions before making any final decisions. Most of them are a given, but one thing you also need to take into consideration is if any of your friends are sensitive. Because wedding planning can take a lot out of you, emotions can run high during the process, with disagreements and arguments bound to happen. Your potential maid of honor should be someone who will help alleviate the stress, not add to it, as well as make decisions for you when you can’t.

2) Figure out the maid of honor’s responsibilities

For some brides, it’s just a title, while others see their head bridesmaid as their right-hand woman, almost like an unofficial wedding planner. While it is a fictional tale, one film that clearly shows how overwhelming the job can be is Bridesmaids. A chick-flick favorite that has inspired bridal party games as seen on Pinterest and an online slot game called Bridesmaids on the gaming portal Pocket Fruity, the movie proves that the role can be too much for certain people. If you want your bridesmaids to be involved in the planning process, choose the woman who is the most organised of the bunch and is currently living in the same city as you. If you’re deciding between your university housemate that lives across the country and your close friend whom you work with, the latter might be the smarter choice since their physical location will determine how much they can accomplish for the bride.

3) You don’t always have to play by the rules

If there’s anything that we can learn from the movie Made of Honor, it’s that the maid of honor is a position that can be filled by anyone. Whether you have a matron, two maids, or a man of honor, don’t be afraid to go for something unconventional. What’s important is that the people you have at the altar with you are those that you love, trust, and will support you throughout your journey.

Good luck, and may you find the best woman (or man) for the job!

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