Hair, Makeup and Perfume for Your Caribbean Destination Wedding

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Chaos reigns supreme in my house today because we’re packing to head up to New York to attend a friend’s wedding — as guests!  But I was so bad about blogging last week that I wanted to pop off something quick to my readers today to make up for my slacking.  Let’s talk about wedding hair and makeup today — a very important topic that is often neglected.

Your wedding planner will ask you if you want your hair and makeup done on your wedding day.  It’s your choice.  I recommend getting at least your hair done because a good hairdresser on your island knows how to pin and spray your ‘do so that it stays in decent shape during a breezy beach wedding.

You should always offer your bridesmaids and your moms the option of having their hair and makeup done.  If you can’t afford to treat for them, just tell them how much it costs and ask them if they want an appointment.  No wavering.  Yes or no.  Because once we make those appointments and block the time on the salon’s schedule, there’s no turning back.  We’ll have to put down deposits and lock in a schedule.

Once upon a time, I could just call my hair lady and tell her what I needed and have it put on the books.  Unfortunately, it only takes one bride to spoil it for everybody, so now we have to make deposits (non-refundable as of 60 days before the wedding).  This is because there are usually only one or two good hairdressers on each Caribbean island and they have regular clients — it isn’t all about you!  They need to take care of my brides and wedding parties and do hair for their regular clients (yes, it’s true — somebody else might dare to have a party on the same island the night of your wedding).  If we tell them they’re doing five heads and then you cancel two of them a week before the wedding, they lose revenue.

If you were getting married in a major city, you would make appointments for you and your girls at Elizabeth Arden or some other posh salon, and they would hold your credit card with the appointments.  If you have no-shows, you will be charged.  Same thing down here.  It’s only fair to the vendors.  We are such a tiny island that my favorite hairdresser can only accommodate so many people per day.  That’s another reason I ask you if you want the appointments very early in the process — we need to get on her books as fast as possible.

You should be looking online and in magazines for the hairdo you want to wear on your wedding day.  You can have a couple of pictures and show them to your stylist and she’ll do her best to recreate the style on you.  But bring her something as a guideline — you can’t just sit in the chair and describe what you’re seeing in your own head.  She’s a hairdresser, not a mind reader.

Sometimes brides want a “practice” hair and makeup session and I’m happy to schedule them.  If you have one, you will pay the same amount you’ll pay for that stuff on your wedding day as for the practice session.  If you just want a 10-minute consultation with my lady, she’ll do that for free, but she’s not going to sit and do your hair for free so you look good at your welcome party.  No fair to her.  If you want a full-on hair and makeup practice appointment, you’ll pay the same for that as you will for the real deal.

Bring your headpiece or barrettes or hairpins you want to use with you.  And bring the fake eyelashes if you want to wear those.  Do not bring the kind that are individual eyelashes — that takes hours to do and costs more money that you could believe.  Get the partials that go about halfway across your eye.  And experience makeup artist can apply those quickly with no problem.

Bring your makeup with you.  And bring two shades of base — one that matches your skin tone now, and one that is one shade darker.  After a few days in the sun, the makeup artist may need to blend the two in order to match your tanned skin tone.  Even if a makeup artist says she has her own makeup — BRING YOUR OWN.  First, do you really want to have the same products touching your lips and eyes that have been used on other women you don’t know?  Hello herpes and eye infections!  Ew.  Also, makeup doesn’t hold up long in the Caribbean so it isn’t cost-effective for most salons to keep much in supply there.  Make an appointment two months before your wedding with a good makeup line (Lancome or Estee Lauder or Chanel or Bobbi Brown or Mac or whatever you like) and get your makeup done.  Ask them to give you the best makeup artist they’ve got and work with her til you like the colors.  Then buy all of it!  Take it home, stash it in your “Pack” box, and don’t touch it again til the day of your wedding.  You can wear it every day AFTER your wedding.

Finally, go buy a special perfume that you love.  Not something you wear all the time now — get something new.  Put it in your “Pack” box and wear it on your wedding day for the first time.  For the rest of your life, you will think of your wedding day every time you spray yourself with it.  And your groom will remember the scent too!

Happy wedding planning from Weddings in Vieques!  Have you called me to plan your wedding yet?


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