Guest Blog about Choosing Your Bridal Flowers for Your Destination Wedding by Jessica Lopez of Flowers in Vieques

Hi Brides and Grooms!

Today’s guest blog is by Jessica Lopez, a dedicated member of the Weddings in Vieques team who many of you met on TLC’s “Wedding Island” when she designed a Mardi Gras float in her batman pajamas on national television! But she spends most of her time working with Angelica in our sister company Flowers in Vieques helping brides and grooms with floral creations for their big day.  She has some good tips to help brides have a less stressful and more productive bridal flower planning process!


Jessica Lopez, picture archive maven, floral designer, float builder and office enforcer!

Jessica Lopez, picture archive maven, floral designer, float builder and office enforcer!

Every woman’s fantasy for her wedding day is to transform that emotional moment into a magical experience. Her gown, guests, music, cake and champagne will all mix together into a magical blur in her memories.  What brides don’t expect is how stressful it can be making so many choices, and how easily frustrated a bride can become by the whole process. Today, I have some advice for brides who are planning their flowers now. I hope I help make the flower planning go a little more smoothly and be a little more fun.

I do consultations with a lot of brides-to-be who are planning their own weddings and just want to buy flowers through Flowers in Vieques, the sister company to Weddings in Vieques.  We do that all the time, but it’s sometimes harder to help a bride realize her vision when we don’t know what she’s picturing in her head.  If you send us 25 unrelated pictures, we don’t have a lot to go on when it comes to giving you direction.  So here’s my advice for those brides: take a deep breath and start looking for pictures of bouquets and/or décor that accurately depict the look you’re going for at your wedding.

Red lilies and ivory Vandella roses were a simple but dramatic statement here.

Red lilies and ivory Vandella roses were a simple but dramatic statement here.

Have a game plan to collect all the images you love. Then, go through the elimination process. Get a firm idea of what style, color, and look you like, and eliminate anything you don’t ABSOLUTELY love.  These are the pictures you should be reviewing with your florist or wedding planner.  Emailing them your Pinterest link with 185 pins on it isn’t going to do anything except make the vendor as frustrated as you already are.

This is your big day; no one else can make these choices for you. So you’ve gotta cut it down to pictures of things you actually want to talk about. Then give it to a professional and get their take on your ideas. Remember, when it comes to different areas of expertise, you have to trust the professional vendor you’ve hired to help you make your dreams come true. Working for a flower shop in the Caribbean, I know first-hand that not every single flower in the world will work with our humid and intense climate, but we do have alternatives to fulfill the same look or style. Trust us! We know what we are doing!  If we tell you that peonies and tulips won’t survive down here, we’re not doing it to be mean.  We’re telling you no because we know those flowers will be dead before you get to the aisle and we don’t want you – our client – to be devastated. It won’t be fixable at that point.

Always take into account your budget. Yes, all of us have dreamt of walking down an aisle covered in a blanket of rose petals. What you don’t take into account is how many dozen of roses it takes to cover that much ground, and how costly it can become in a matter of seconds! Always be clear with your florist. Tell them “my budget is X” and let them know if it is a firm number, or if there is a little wiggle room. This can truly give your florist parameters of what to suggest rather than directing you to flowers that are wayyy over your budget.  Also remember that the size of your wedding party plans a massive role in the size of your flower budget.

All in all, when it comes to the flowers, the best thing for a bride to do is research what she wants and work with her floral vendor to get as close as possible to both the look and the budget that is her ultimate goal.  I promise taking this approach will make things easier, and you’ll be a happier, less-stressed-out bride.

Fun bouquet of pink Gerbera daisies, Chili roses, and purple phlox

Fun bouquet of pink Gerbera daisies, Chili roses, and purple phlox

Final tip of the day: Don’t wait til less than 30 days til your wedding to make contact with the vendor you’re planning to use for your wedding flowers.  It’s entirely possible she’ll be too busy or booked to help you at that point, and you may feel rushed to make decisions that you really had six months to think about if you’d given yourself the time.

I’m off to make bouquets!


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