Eloping to Vieques Island in the Caribbean — How Romantic!

Hi everybody!

I’m cheating and writing this a little ahead because I know tomorrow is going to be pure chaos.  All of the guests for the big wedding this weekend will be arriving and my cell phone will inevitably be ringing off the hook with people who need directions from the palm tree and the iguana (yeah, a real iguana) to where they’re supposed to be staying.  And I’d like to hit the beach for a few hours in the morning if I can squeeze it in 🙂  So let’s talk about elopements — true elopements like when nobody knows you’re running off to get married — and some ideas for making yours extra special.

Even if you and your fiance are eloping, let’s say it’s to Vieques Island, Puerto Rico for the purposes of this example, you still need a wedding planner.  Otherwise, you’re going to spend way too much time trying to deal with your wedding license paperwork and not enjoying your weddingmoon.

I offer a special package to eloping couples that includes everything I think they need for a successful elopement on a Caribbean island.  I can change the package if they have special requests, but so far it seems to suit most of my eloping clients.  For $1,500, the “Keep It Simple” Package for Destination Weddings and Elopements on Vieques Island includes the following:

A personal wedding consultant (that’s me!)

A welcome basket upon arrival at your hotel with champagne

Marriage license paperwork (including document preparation and pickup of marriage certificate after wedding)

Two certified copies of your marriage license

Assistance in selection of picturesque ceremony venue

Officiant to perform ceremony

Assistance planning ceremony and vows

Bouquet and Boutonniere

Photographer for ceremony

Wedding cake delivered to the restaurant of your choice for your wedding dinner

Bio-bay tour for two

Assistance with dinner and activities reservations during trip

Most couples find this covers everything they need to do the deed, but of course I can do whatever any particular individual couple wants if they have special requests.

There are some fun ways to announce your elopement to your friends and family — but the Internet has opened up a whole new world of possibilities.  You can just call everybody — or you can email them a link to a website where you’ve just uploaded the pics from your wedding!  I always take pics with the couples’ camera while the photographer is doing her thing so that the couple has pictures immediately to share.  You can email them out or post them on a website and email an announcement around.  I know one couple who brought a small photo printer with them to the island and printed their pics the next day.  They’d had cards pre-printed announcing their marriage, and they popped the pics into the slots and mailed them the day after their wedding so they would all have a Vieques postmark.

If you’re too busy to contemplate planning your own wedding at home, and a large destination wedding isn’t in the budget cards for you, eloping may be the perfect option.  Vieques Island is a fabulous place to do it.  Call me and I’ll hook up you!

Happy Wedding Planning!


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