Effects of Pre-Wedding Nerves on the Bride’s Skin

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Today was probably the most fun I’ve had yet as a wedding planner.  Sarah and Greg’s family and friends are absolutely hilarious!  The bride is the oldest of five girls, and they’re all here and they’re all gorgeous and so much fun.  Both dads are a  hoot — called me early this morning for directions to the Off-Track Betting place so they could place their Preakness bets — apparently, coming down here for a wedding on Preakness weekend was a serious gift to their children.  The dads are completely different — Sarah’s dad is allll New Jersey and Greg’s dad is totally Canadian, but they’ve bonded through a mutual love of the ponies.  The entire group had a blast — and the wedding rehearsal was even fun too.  But more about that later.  I’ve gotta write quick and finish loading the car for their reception setup tomorrow.  We just got home from the rehearsal dinner at the Coqui Fire Cafe.  Today’s “real” blog topic is the physical effects of stress and nerves on the bride.  Inspired by the lovely Sarah McKeon.

Poor Sarah woke up covered in hives today.  She hasn’t eaten anything weird or been bitten by anything weird to her knowledge, but I dragged her over to the pharmacy as soon as they called me just in case.  The pharmacist took one look at her and proclaimed it a raging case of “bridal nerves” and prescribed cortizone, benadryl, and the immediate completion of the wedding vows.  Unfortunately, those will have to wait for the ceremony tomorrow.  We dosed her up with the good pink stuff and by mid-afternoon, she was looking good!  I’m sure the salt water helped — salt water can fix anything — but a cross between the medicine and relaxing seemed to do the trick.  How can you not relax when you have 50 friends and family around you shooting squirt guns at each other and tossing people in the water?

Sarah is actually an unusually calm and mellow bride.  I suspect it’s an act, and the hives were God’s way of reminding her that He has a sense of humor and He knows she’s nervous.  Or maybe she’s slightly allergic to the groom, he’s been around a lot too.  Either way, if you don’t find a way to release stress, it will find its own way out of you.  I think that’s what happened to Sarah today.

How can a bride relieve stress and nerves in the few days prior to her wedding when she’s having a destination wedding weekend and she feels like she’s in the spotlight the whole time?  Getting hammered is not the answer.  But you do need to find a way to release some of that pent-up energy.  If you’re an athlete, a good run might do it.  If you’re like me and you don’t run unless you’re being chased, then primal scream therapy might do the trick.  Sometimes a bride just needs a good cry.  It’s not necessarily a bad cry, more of a cathartic one that needs to be done.

Whatever the method, it’s really important for every bride — destination wedding or at home — to find a way to release the nervous energy that’s bound to build up in the days immediately preceding the wedding.  Some girls get bitchy and nasty.  Sarah just isn’t that type.  But trust me, I’ve had a few of those and they didn’t get hives (though I sorta wish at least one of them had… muahhhhh).  But if you’re a sweetheart and tearing up your bridesmaids or your wedding planner to release stress isn’t on your agenda, you should give some thought to what relaxes you and be prepared with whatever you need to take care of that.

The rehearsal dinner tonight was a blast.  They toasted us!  I love that!  Makes us feel so good about giving up so many hours of sleep tonight to make sure we’re all ready to make sure their wedding day is perfect.  And the folks at Coqui Fire did an amazing job on the food — everybody was stuffed and took home leftovers.  They’re a fantastic group of wedding guests and we’re so happy they’re having fun.

I need to scoot and get my act together now.  Tomorrow will be a very, very long day and then we have another wedding group arriving on Sunday afternoon for a Wednesday wedding.  This spring has been nuts and I’ll never do this many weddings in one month ever again.  So if you’re thinking about having your destination wedding in Vieques next spring, call me now to schedule!!!

Happy Wedding Planning!  Please keep your fingers crossed that Sarah and Greg have a beautiful wedding day tomorrow.  They deserve it!


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