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I’ve been behind in cross-updating my personal blog here with the stuff that I write about for Wedding Wire, Huffington Post and Purple Unions.  Gonna get better about that, I swear!  But for now, to check out the blog published on Wedding Wire’s Wedding Aces column on about the best Save-The-Dates, click here!!!  Or see it below.

Save-the-dates for weddings are getting so much more fabulous every day. I remember when a save-the-date was just a little card that literally said what date to mark on your calendar for the wedding. I thought I was super creative when I got married because I bought note cards from the boutique hotel that was my wedding venue and printed the save-the-date info directly onto them so guests would see where the wedding would be. But I had nothing on clients of mine these days. This crew is creative, and they put a lot of time and energy into announcing their big day to their families and friends.

Some people are just plain silly. They get their point across, but don’t overload you with information because in the case of a destination wedding like they’re having on Vieques Island, they absolutely need to have a comprehensive travel information packet sent out behind the save-the-date. The actual save-the-date is a flag for the calendar, the meat of the document will follow in a much more functional format.

Another popular way to announce the date of a destination wedding is with mock plane tickets or actual luggage tags that are filled out with your wedding information instead of the guests’ contact info for lost luggage (don’t forget to give them the real inserts too so they’re actually usable). I can’t even believe how madly popular the luggage tags and anything travel related have been – I’ve seen some amazing creativity!

Rosaleen Ortiz and Daniel Macht put a crazy amount of time and effort into the save-the-date for their Caribbean destination wedding last January with a full-length video of how they met including documentary footage of Daniel’s amazing proposal to Rosaleen, and how so much of it went very, very wrong. It’s hilarious. Not only did it give the info to their guests to block their calendars, but it also give a little insight for the guests into the person whom their friend/family member was about to marry. Because most of Rosaleen’s family still lives in Puerto Rico, and Dan’s family is from the West Coast, creating this special save-the-date video about their lives together in New York City was like an introduction for friends and family, who had never had the benefit of getting to know their loved one’s intended. Just watch it and see!

Finally, there is absolutely nothing wrong with doing something very straightforward with your save-the-date – it can be a postcard or written like an invite or something creative and silly like a magnet. All of that stuff is available online and is relatively inexpensive to make. If you’re crunched for time, consider making your save-the-date and travel info packet one mailable package – it will save you postage and cut down on time. It’s perfectly fine to print out mailing labels for save-the-dates and travel info packets as long as you remember to hand address the actual wedding invitations.

What’s my take on doing the save-the-date online? I guess it’s okay. Given that people are sending out E-vites for far more important aspects of their weddings, I suppose an online save-the-date isn’t the worst thing ever. It’s just that I still believe there is supposed to be a little bit of ceremony and romance involved in this process. And unless you’re in a time crunch when email is absolutely your best timely route to reach people, I think it’s kind of sad if the bride and groom don’t care enough to want to do more than just send out an email that says to mark your calendar – like you would any other date for beer, dinner or party. If you don’t make your save-the-date look special, don’t expect folks to necessarily actually mark the date on their calendars. They’re going to treat it as importantly as you treat it. Think about it.

Until next time, happy wedding planning from Weddings in Vieques and Weddings in Culebra!

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