Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend… And So Are Sapphires, Tanzanites, Emeralds, and Everything Else that Sparkles

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I’ve been bad about blogging again this week because I’m up in DC visiting family and friends.  My best friend Deedee had a baby in January and I was too busy with weddings to come home when JT was born, so as soon as I got a quick break, I hopped on a plane!  He’s beautiful!  Such a little cutie-pie.  And Dee looks gorgeous.  You’d never believe she had a baby a few weeks ago.  Anyway, Dee inspired today’s blog topic — wedding jewelry!

How do you choose what jewelry to wear on your wedding day?  Other than the obvious pieces — your engagement ring and your new wedding ring — you’ll also be choosing which earrings, necklace and bracelets to wear on the most important day of your life.  Some girls take advantage of jewelry as an opportunity to fill a few of their “old, new, borrowed and blue” requirements, and some girls choose things that go specifically with the wedding gown they’ve chosen.  Several of my brides have worn pieces made by a friend or family member with that particular talent, and a few have requested jewelry made locally on Vieques.  We have several talented jewelry artists here — fused glass and sea glass being the most popular — and I’ve had brides who have not only chosen to wear locally-made jewelry, but also asked us to have matching pieces made for their wedding attendants as gifts.

Whatever you choose to wear, you should keep the following things in mind:

1 — Most of the time, less is more.  In general, wedding gowns are fairly elaborate.  Veils, headpieces, and tiaras can be elaborate too.  Simple, elegant necklaces and fairly understated earrings are often the best choice, unless you’ve got a wedding gown that screams for something more.

2 — Chandelier earrings and choker-length necklaces aren’t usually fantastic together unless they were designed as a set.  In general, you want your earrings to end higher than your necklace begins.

3 — On your wedding day, you’ll wear your engagement ring on your right-hand ring finger until you get the wedding band on your left hand.  So don’t wear a bunch of other rings.  One on each hand during the ceremony is plenty.

Lots of couples decide to make the bride’s wedding jewelry the groom’s wedding gift to her.  That’s a romantic way to go about it, but if you do that, you need to coordinate the gift.  If he hasn’t seen your wedding gown, he won’t know what exactly to get you.  Worse, he may not realize that not everything will work.  The length of the necklace and earrings really does make a difference, and nothing would be worse than to receive a wedding jewelry gift that you couldn’t wear on your wedding day.  My friend Deedee (the one who just had the baby) received a gorgeous sapphire and diamond necklace and earring set from her groom the week before the wedding, but he wisely took her shopping to pick it out.  He had pre-chosen three specific sets and brought his bride to choose which one was best for her wedding outfit.

My husband gave me the necklace I wore down the aisle as a birthday gift a few months before our wedding.  To be honest, it wasn’t the right length for my gown.  But because Bill gave it to me three months ahead of time, I had plenty of time to have the length adjusted at the jeweler where it was purchased.  All of my friends and family know I’m a total Tanzanite whore.  I love them — the bluey-lavender ones, not the dark blue ones.  My engagement ring and wedding bands are diamonds and Tanzanites.  So Bill chose a beautiful diamond and Tanzanite pendant for me.  It’s gorgeous.  But thank goodness I had time to have it adjusted so that it wasn’t hanging in my cleavage beneath the dress instead of being prominently featured on my chest above the gown.

Jewelry is also a popular attendants’ gift for both brides and grooms.  Grooms may give cufflinks or tie tacks or watches.  Brides have a little more flexibility.  Most jewelry given to bridesmaids is meant to be worn at the wedding, and that can be a lovely sentiment.  However, if you know you’re choosing something for your girls that they wouldn’t normally wear, but you’re choosing it because you think it goes with the bridesmaids’ dresses, it really isn’t a gift for the bridesmaids.  It’s a gift to yourself because now you can stop worrying that they’re going to wear something god-awful that you’ll hate.  But if you know that’s what you’re doing and that your girlfriends (even just a couple of them) will never wear those earrings again, you should probably get them another “real” gift that says thank you for taking the time to be here on your most special day.

Family jewelry can be a very special way to get in your somethings “old” and “borrowed.”  The necklace your mother was married in, your grandmother’s diamond watch, and other sentimental baubles can be just the ticket to bring history to a new wedding gown and a destination wedding.  Again, these items should be discussed in advance.  I’ve seen more than one bride taken aback just a few minutes before she went down the aisle when she was presented with a piece of jewelry to replace something she’d specifically chosen to wear.

The most important thing to remember about wedding jewelry for a destination wedding is that you should wear or hand-carry all of your jewelry to your destination.  You should always carry the wedding bands and your other jewelry in your purse and don’t let it out of your site — more than one bride has been devastated to find her jewelry box missing out of checked luggage when she arrived at her destination.  NEVER EVER check your jewelry.

Until next time, happy wedding planning from Weddings in Vieques and Weddings in Culebra.  Have you started planning your destination wedding yet?


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