Destination Wedding Jewelry — Leave Granny’s Irreplaceable Pearls at Home


This one is really going to be short and sweet folks!  The title alone is self explanatory.

Do not bring your most valuable jewelry for your destination wedding.  No Grandma’s pearls or antique chokers that have been in the family for generations.  I don’t want you to leave that stuff in your hotel room or villa while you’re on the beach, and you’re definitely not wearing those pearls into the water.

A few hotels on the island have safes available for use by their guests.  Please check in advance to see if yours has something like that.

NEVER EVER pack your good jewelry in your checked luggage.  Carry it on you, or better yet — wear it!  That’s the safest way to travel with valuable jewelry.

It’s hot down here and you should limit your jewelry on your wedding day accordingly.  Think light and simple.  There are several artists here on Vieques who make beautiful fused glass jewelry.  Some brides like to choose their jewelry when they get here at one of the galleries.  I also have somebody that can make Swarovski jewelry for you and your wedding party in any style, color or price range.  Just ask me about it and I’ll hook you up.

But don’t bring something so sentimental that it would ruin your whole wedding if it were lost or stolen.  Don’t bring so much jewelry that you have to leave a fortune in baubles unattended in your accommodations every time you leave the house.  I’m thinking of investing in a safe to hold stuff like that for my brides until the wedding day, but I’m not sure I even want to be responsible for that.

Next I’m writing about how to pack for a Caribbean destination wedding, and especially for a wedding in Vieques.  Until then, happy wedding planning to all you crazy gringos out there who are planning Caribbean destination weddings!


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