Deirdre and Manny’s Romantic Caribbean Elopement

Hi there!

Still getting caught up from all the weddings we’ve been planning, but today I’m going to tell you about Deirdre Delaney and Manny Medina’s beautiful sunset ceremony on July 12th!

Deirdre called me just a few weeks before she and Manny wanted to get married.  They were already coming down to Puerto Rico for Manny’s brother’s wedding the next weekend, and they wanted to sneak over to Vieques and get married without anybody knowing about it.  They were coming from New York, where they both hold busy jobs in the medical field, and all they wanted was a gorgeous venue where they could relax with a private pool and have a private wedding ceremony by the water.

The one funny thing in the planning was Deirdre’s overwhelming desire to get the actual wedding ceremony over with as soon as they got here.  Apparently, she and Manny are very active adventurers, and she often ends up with scrapes and bruises after hiking, climbing, diving, etc.  She really didn’t want to have scratches on her in her wedding photos — and I don’t blame her.  So they arrived on Sunday morning and got married at sunset the same day!

Deirdre wore a very pretty spaghetti-strap white organza gown with a slight train.  Manny wore a guayabera shirt and khakis.  She carried a bouquet of pink oriental lilies and had a bloom tucked into her hair as well.  It was simple, romantic and beautiful!

They shared a lovely wedding dinner at El Quenepo, and I had a cake delivered there for them to enjoy.  The next night they toured the bio-bay by kayak and then by mid-week, they were headed back to the main island for Manny’s brother’s big day.  It was a quick trip here for them, but I believe they enjoyed it.  I hope they had fun at the other wedding they were attending too — it had to be hard to keep it all a secret.  They planned to not wear their wedding rings so as not to upstage the other bride and groom with their own big announcement.  Plenty of time for that this week when they get home!

Best of luck to Deirdre and Manny — we hope they’ll come back to Vieques Island to visit us again for their anniversary next year!

Until next time, happy wedding planning from Weddings in Vieques and Weddings in Culebra.  Have you considered eloping to the Caribbean?


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