Christmas Advice Nugget #17 — Preserving Your Bouquet for a Destination Wedding is a Work of Art — and Costs Almost as Much!

Hello Brides and Grooms!

Does anybody really worry about properly preserving their bouquet anymore?  I did five years ago, but none of my clients has wanted to do it so I haven’t dealt with it again since my own wedding.  It cost me a fortune.  But it’s in an absolutely beautiful shadow box — a pave design, in fact — mounted on the wall at my mother’s house back in the DC area.  It was much too fragile to move to Puerto Rico.  Looking back, was is worth the more than $500 I spent to have it made?  Probably not.  Today’s tip — think carefully before spending money on bouquet preservation from a destination wedding.

 There are a couple of very good flower preservation companies that provide you with the cooler box and ice and instructions to take your bouquet straight from your reception, into the box, and into the mail.  But the sad fact of life is that when you are someplace in the Caribbean on your wedding day, making it possible to preserve those flowers isn’t cheap.  The most reputable company out there is Freeze Frame It, based in Ohio.

The better and more cost effective way to remember your bouquet is to make sure that your new husband knows what kind of flowers were in your bouquet — and that he has the phone number to a really good  florist nearby at home.  Grooms: Don’t send flowers in a vase, your bride got enough vases as wedding gifts.  Save the money you don’t spend on a vase bringing her flowers again a week or two later, for no reason in particular.  Bill used to do that all the time with the florist who did our DC reception flowers.  He’d call Sarah the florist and tell her to make up a bouquet of “wedding flowers” and I used to love that!  It’s a great way to remember your flowers over and over again without in involving shipping coolers and silicone.

Until next time, happy wedding planning from Weddings in Vieques and Weddings in Culebra!


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