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With the last luckiest day of the century nearly upon us, I couldn’t resist doing some research on the fascination with numerology in choosing wedding dates.  Check out my blog today on Purple Unions or read it here below!

Numerology plays a bigger role in wedding planning than I ever could have imagined before I got into this business.  In fact, the very first wedding I ever planned was for Lynn and Brian Beisel on 7/7/07.  My husband Bill and I picked our wedding date because it was a long weekend (more travel time for destination wedding guests) and we figured we could get it all planned in time (nine months out).  My favorite hotel in the world, Hacienda Tamarindo ( was available and willing to let us get married there – the only other wedding the owners had ever permitted was their daughter’s – and so we grabbed September 4, 2004.

Part of the compromise with my parents about having a destination wedding was a commitment to have a formal wedding reception back in DC exactly one week later.  Why we put ourselves through that timing hell, I can’t explain.  But that was the deal that was struck – meaning my police captain husband and I would be celebrating our formal, black-tie wedding reception back in the nation’s capitol on September 11, 2004.  Oops!  After some consultation with all the other cops involved in our wedding, we decided to go forward with it.  September 11th needed a better association in all of our hearts and minds, and we couldn’t think of a better way to do it.  So you could say numerology played a role in our wedding, but it surely wasn’t intentional.  With most of my clients, it’s completely planned.

Would you believe I’ve had brides who changed their wedding date two or three times based on what their astrologists recommended as “luckier” numbers for them (or in one case it was the MoB’s psychic advisor’s suggestion)?  Nope.  Not kidding.  Whatever floats their boats as long as I’m not already booked that day, right?  She’s the bride.

The triple date thing has been madly popular and we have done a wedding on every single triple date since we started our business – 8/8/08, 9/9/09, 10/10/10 – but the granddaddy of them all was last year when we did five weddings on 11/11/11.  They weren’t all big weddings, in fact, they were mostly elopements.   But it was still a freaking zoo around here.  Now I see 12/12/12 looming in our very near future and I can hear the warning drums beating.  Sad thing is that I’m excited about the challenge.

Why are numbers so important to so many people?  For some, it’s because the numbers are supposed to indicate what kind of future it will bring you.  For others, it’s cultural.  There’s a really funny website called Phuture.Me that has a hilarious wedding date planner tool ( with instructions and explanations about how you can use different combinations of numbers to achieve the wedding date that will give you the most successful marriage.  I always thought love, commitment and patience made a good marriage… boy was I misinformed.

12/12/12 is considered an incredibly special date for all sorts of reasons.  In Belize, there’s a “very special” ceremony permitting only 12 couples on the Mayan ruins.  The Mayans believed that the number 12 signified both mystery and authority, and a whole bunch of other things.  To quote one Belize wedding website “since there are 12 chakras in the human heart, the 12 tickets to the 12/12 /12 Mayan Marriage of Many… will be the most coveted invitations in the worldwide wedding market!”  LOL  Nice marketing.  But apparently the opinion is regional because The Moscow Times reports that applications for 12/12/12 weddings are down compared to the 1,179 marriages on 11/11/11.  But of course, you have to file your paperwork more than two months ahead and get permission to get married in Russia, so maybe they’re missing all the folks who decide to be spontaneous and elope on a special date.   Two couples in Northumberland in the UK have already scheduled weddings at 12 minutes after 12 on 12/12/12.  Twelve is considered the number of “completeness” there and so the date is supposed to be a good omen for the marriage.

Alrighty, if I take off my skeptic hat, I have to admit there must be something to the numerology or thousands and thousands of people wouldn’t be ALL OVER IT.  Combos of the number 3 are popular – hence the two weddings I planned on 6/9/12 this year.  Another couple had a thing for the number 4 so we did a 4/8/12 wedding this year too (that was my gay buds Dante and Patrick, featured in the pic in this blog).  And let’s not forget the one on 3/3/12.  I bet I could go on and on – just looking at the number combos on the wedding date archive file is giving me a headache.  Obviously, numerology is incredibly important to a whole lot of brides and grooms all over the world for different reasons (including a whole bunch of my clients).  But I must say the gay clients have been more creative with their numerology than the straight ones.  Do you think maybe it’s because they’re not listening to their mother’s psychics, or because they are?

So now I feel like I have a challenge.  I want to do 12 weddings on 12/12/12.  My husband will probably go on strike and lead a mutiny of my staff, but it wouldn’t be the first time (I’m not going to warn him about this btw – he’ll read it in this column with everybody else so I’ll have to hide that day).  There are, after all, 24 hours in the day on 12/12/12… this could be a heck of a challenge.  I’m not afraid (much).  But I’ve never taken on a project that I didn’t completely deliver 100%, so I’m confident that my team here on Vieques Island can totally handle it.

I’ll keep you posted on my progress, but let me sign off with a totally self-serving reminder to all you newly engaged and just-about-to-get-engaged couples out there – I don’t have 12 weddings on that day yet.  Do you think that if you’re the 12th couple I book for the 12 weddings on 12/12/12 and we marry you at 12 minutes after 12, you can pretty much be guaranteed the perfect future and happy marriage?  I don’t know the answer to that question.  But if there’s a chance…  Just sayin’.

Until next time, happy wedding planning from Weddings in Vieques and Weddings in Culebra!


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