Catering Your Events

vieques-partyIt’s important to choose the right caterer for each event that’s a part of your wedding weekend, whether it’s the welcome party, beach party, wedding reception or brunch the morning after your wedding. We keep your budget and your personal style in mind and do our best to help you find the best match from the array of catering teams we’ve vetted and consider the best on the island. We work with caterers and restaurants on both Vieques and Culebra that can create everything from relaxed cocktail parties to elegant formal reception dinners.

Welcome Parties

Your welcome event sets the tone for your destination wedding weekend, regardless of how much or how little you spend on it. Sometimes meeting up with a group of friends for cocktails at a local bar is just the ticket. Other clients prefer a more formal cocktail reception with upscale appetizers and a full bar. It’s not about what you serve or how much you spend, it’s about the presentation and the environment surrounding the event. It’s important to provide an anchor-event – something that newcomers to the island can use to get their bearings and find out who else is here with them. We always have uniformed staff on hand at welcome events to act as island guides and provide helpful information to the new arrivals to make their trips go more smoothly. And let’s face it, if they are having a problem with their accommodations or something else, we can fix it – you can’t. And you shouldn’t have to.

Beach Parties

vieques-beach-party-weddings-in-viequesOur beach parties are legendary and feature all different kinds of food – from paella cooked over the fire on the beach to Puerto Rican style pig roasts. Most clients opt to have a fantastic beach party in lieu of a rehearsal dinner – but we can do both for you if that’s what you prefer. The idea is to create an opportunity for all of your guests to eat and play together on a level playing field, someplace where you can visit with them and enjoy their company before you have to put on the wedding clothes and worry about the formalities. The beach party is the best way to make sure that everybody has a chance to dip their toes in the Caribbean or play volleyball with a group of guests so they can get to know each other before your actual wedding night.

Weddings in Vieques takes care of all beach permits and permissions, and we offer our clients a beach party kit that includes beach umbrellas, rafts, toys for the kids, volleyball, Frisbee, football and other assorted beach games. It’s a great way to have a blast with your friends and blow off some steam the day before your wedding.

Rehearsal Dinners

Most of our clients have beach parties the afternoon before their wedding in lieu of a true rehearsal dinner. But if you envision a true rehearsal dinner as part of your wedding weekend, we can easily arrange that too. If you’d like to gather at a more casual island restaurant on the water or a tree house-like venue in the jungle, there are several great spots we can use. Some clients opt for a light dinner prior to their bioluminescent bay tours. Others just want platters of gourmet sandwiches delivered to their villa when they get back from the bio-bay. Whatever format best fits your taste is doable – and like every other event, we’ll personalize it to reflect the bride and groom’s style and taste.

Wedding Receptions

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAYour wedding reception is an entirely different kind of event from anything else you’ll host during your destination wedding weekend. The food must be top-notch, the service impeccable, and the venue decorated in a stylish and sophisticated manner that suits you. We have spent years vetting the caterers on this island, eliminating the ones who couldn’t reach the bar of taste, service and class we’ve established for clients of Weddings in Vieques. As a result, our caterers are – across the board – the best on the island.

Most wedding venues allow you to choose and use any caterer you like – and so we give you multiple menus to look at and decide which best suits your culinary tastes. Some clients want upscale Puerto Rican food, to keep in line with the flavor of the island. Other couples want upscale tropical and Caribbean foods from all over the island chain. And some destination wedding clients just want to be certain they are serving the same level of hauté cuisine they would give to their guests if they were getting married in a posh country club up north. Whatever makes your taste buds happy is possible in Vieques. We give you the menus to review and tell you to choose the one that makes you hungry – and then we work closely with you and the caterer to develop the perfect menu for your wedding night and your budget.

There are a variety of different reception venue options all over the island, from boutique hotels to extravagant waterfront villas. We have access to villas in the hills with views of the big island, St. Thomas, Culebra and St. Croix, as well as beach cottages on the water with beautiful lawns for entertaining.

We work closely with you to make sure you have just the right spot for you. We’re happy to do pre planning tours of the island with clients who prefer to visit in person to make their venue selection, or we can show you dozens of options online. Whether you prefer a chic South Beach look or an island-casual venue, we have some of everything to satisfy every taste and budget.

A number of the best villas in Vieques have named Weddings in Vieques as their exclusive wedding planners because of our excellent reputation for taking care of properties and returning them in the same condition in which we got them. Some of these villas waive event fees or offer reduced rates for clients of Weddings in Vieques. Many of our clients claim they saved enough money to pay for our wedding planning fee just in the discounts we were able to obtain during their wedding planning process.

Occasionally, clients with small groups of guests find it more cost effective to host their reception dinner at a restaurant venue. We have a number of different restaurants we recommend and who will work closely with us to ensure your wedding dinner feels like your reception, not just like another night out to dinner on the island.

Restaurant Venues

Vieques features a number of fantastic restaurants featuring local seafood, but only a few really know how to turn it up a notch and spoil a wedding group. Whether it’s a family gathering pre wedding, a rehearsal dinner, or a dinner reception for a smaller wedding group, we’ll help you select the perfect venue and work hand-in-hand with the management to make sure that every detail is spot on and nothing is overlooked. If your wedding group is small and you don’t want to have to spend the money to rent an entire villa, decorate it, and bring it the rental equipment necessary for your big day, we can work with a restaurant to create a special wedding dinner at an established venue that already provides most of the things you’ll need. It’s all about the type of venue and atmosphere that will be the perfect ending to your fabulous wedding weekend.