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Guidelines for Tipping for Your Caribbean Destination Wedding

Hola Chiquitas and Hombres! It was another fantastic day on Vieques. In the low 80s and breezy… are you jealous? A few minutes ago I had to jump up from my desk and go out on the front porch with my husband to have a giggle. There are two horses munching grass in our driveway. We forgot to shut the gate after we brought in all the groceries, so we’re getting the lawn mowed for free. The bad part is that they’re probably pooping in our yard too. Talk about needing a giant pooper-scooper. The horses are the only reason we have a big fence all the way around our property. They make a real mess if you let them hang out on your lawn. They didn’t budge when they saw us looking at them. Apparently, they feel quite comfortable in our yard. I wonder how they’ll feel when our dog arrives next month!

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Getting it in Writing from Vendors who Work on Island Time

We were lucky on Vieques Island last week — Hurricane Dean passed south of us and whomped the heck out of Jamaica instead of Puerto Rico. They weren’t calling for it to hit us, but we were inside the Tropical Storm Warning zone so we expected some heavy rain and high winds. We got a little bit of that on Saturday, but both Friday and Sunday were beautiful beach days.

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