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Stretching Your Wedding Budget — Or How to Get the Most for Your Money Planning Your Caribbean Destination Wedding

Hello there! Today’s topic is budgeting for your Caribbean destination wedding. How much money do you really need to get married in the Caribbean? It just depends on the kind of wedding you want to have, where you want to have it, and how many other activities you’d like to include for your guests while […]

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Every Penny Counts — Getting Discounts on Commercial Airlines

Hello Brides and Grooms! It always surprises me that wedding couples so rarely ask me about helping to get them discounts with airlines and rental cars when we’re talking about the services I provide. It’s like nobody knows that the big airlines give group discounts for special events like weddings. Not all the commercial airlines offer discounts, and they don’t offer them all of the time — but it’s absolutely worth asking. Ten percent is a nice little savings when you figure how many of your guests will benefit from it.

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