Campbell Moore and William Gough (April 2013)

Campbell_Willie-47My husband and I did not want the big, traditional wedding. We wanted to elope to a favorite destination of ours, Vieques. We knew we wanted something intimate, fun, and easy for just the two of us. Sandy and her team provided exactly that plus some. From our very first phone call I felt like mine was the only wedding she was planning. So many details, like my wedding bouquet, I had never even considered nor felt like I needed it. Sandy insisted and with Kelsey’s help, they made the most beautiful bouquet and boutonniere that really made our pictures “pop.” When I explained that my husband was going to wear a tuxedo rather than the typical linen pants and white shirt because he wanted to be different, they took it a step further. Knowing how laid back he and I are, when we pulled up to the beach the morning of our wedding, there was Sandy and her crew, dressed for the occasion, all wearing pink tuxedo t-shirts! It was hilarious and such a memorable moment that again just highlights how special and one-of-a-kind they made our wedding. I know that Weddings in Vieques has put on probably 30 or more weddings since ours and they’ll put on hundreds in the future, but I feel like if I called them two years from now to say hello or ask a question, they would remember and treat us with the same kindness and attentiveness that they gave when it was our wedding. If you are looking for someone to make your wedding day exactly as you imagined it, Weddings in Vieques is the only way to go.


Campbell and Willie Gough, married in Vieques April 5, 2014. 

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