Cakes & Desserts

vieques-wedding-island-cake-brideHave something special in mind for your wedding cake? A picture you tore out of a bridal magazine when you were still in high school? Or maybe you want a traditional Puerto Rican almond cake to give your wedding a local flair. Cupcakes are crazy popular right now – and we have a giant cupcake cutting cake that’s a lot of fun too. Whatever your heart’s desire – we work with the best bakers and pastry chefs on the island to make sure you not only have your cake, you want to eat it too!

vieques-wedding-cakes-345If cutting the cake is too traditional for your personal style, you can still give your guests a sweet treat with mini cheesecake cupcakes, champagne flutes of chocolate mousse, frozen key lime pie bites, chocolate fondue or gourmet ice cream. Remember, you’re only limited by your own imagination (and the humidity with some pastries).