Breaking Down Doors for Ines and Terance’s Vieques Island Sunset Wedding on 10/10/10

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So the truth of the matter is that I’ve been off the grid for a couple of weeks enjoying myself a little :)… That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.  After Ines and Terance’s beautiful wedding on 10/10/10 (the topic of today’s blog), I was busy catching up with clients and working on my tan.  Yeah, I know.  Sad to admit.  But something had to give and it couldn’t be the clients, so I gave up some sleep and my blogging for a little bit in exchange for some much-needed time in the sunshine.  It’s been absolutely beautiful here.  If you’d asked me on October 7th what I thought this month was going to be like, I would have used countless obscenities.  Damned Tropical Storm Otto that became Hurricane Otto as he passed north of us going west, and then back again after he made his u-turn out to sea.  But then, after two weeks of rain rain rain, the skies cleared, the air cooled off, the water calmed down, and we had absolutely fabulous weather for the wedding of Ines Davila to Terance Jenkins on October 10th!

Ines was a fun bride to work with and I’m so glad that Mother Nature decided to cut us all some slack for her wedding week.  The parking lot of my office still looks a bit like a messy slip’n’slide, but we couldn’t have been luckier than we were for Ines and Terance’s big day.  The date was significant to them because it was Terance’s best friend’s birthday.  He lost his wingman in a tragic car accident a few years ago, but his memory lives on in a big way in the lives and hearts of his friends and family.  So Ines and Terance chose to honor him by getting married on 10/10/10 and with a memorial candle that burned brightly next to the guestbook at the reception.  But no getting maudlin before we’ve talked about the good stuff!

Ines was fun to plan with — the complete opposite of a “bridezilla,” she was low-key, did her homework, and mailed her checks when they were due.  Terance didn’t even participate in the wedding planning, although I did meet him on the phone a couple of weeks before their wedding day when he called me to figure out how to sneak a wedding gift to Ines down here ahead of their arrival.  He’d gotten her a beautiful Louis Vuitton bag, but it was big!  And Ines was being stingy with his alotted suitcase space.  He was worried that she would either find it or refuse to pack it, so he sent it from New Jersey to me and we hid it in the closet up at their villa before they arrived.

Ines and Terance were staying at the lovely Quinta Jabali for their wedding week.  The wedding reception was also held up there, but that was tricky with the weather and the villa’s layout (almost entirely outside).  When I first delivered them up there, I doubt they could see anything through the rain and pea soup in the sky.  But the next morning, they awoke to clear skies and a mind-blowing view.

Each wedding guest was greeted with a welcome bag full of goodies, including snacks, local rum, mixers, and information about the island.  I heard lots of compliments from the crew at the welcome party — seems folks LOVE to arrive to a bottle of rum that comes with juice or Coke.  No thinking or shopping required!  The welcome party at Lazy Jack’s was a hit and, because the owners were doing an Octoberfest that night, our wedding guests benefited from Beverly’s super yummy appetizers big time.  The entire group was going strong when Bill and I made our escape almost three hours after the party started, and a few of the guests were moving kinda slow at the beach party the next day.  That’s always a good sign.

Once everybody arrived at the beach party and got going with the rum punch, the pace picked up again.  There were some nice casual speeches at the beach when the bride and groom presented gifts to all of their wedding party.  Everybody pigged out on a chicken and pork pinchots (Puerto Rican-style shish kebabs), rice and beans, Puerto Rican macaroni salad, and one of the loveliest fruit salads I’ve ever seen at one of our events.  Late in the afternoon, the guests created their own fruit salad — or fruity beverage, I guess I should say.  It may have been the bride’s father who first discovered that both the fruit salad and the rum punch tasted better when you filled your cup halfway with salad and halfway with punch.  Need I bother to tell you that they were all totally hammered by the end of the party? It’s always good to see clients having such a fantastic time.  Everybody was out playing in the water and enjoying their good fortune in the nice weather.

Sunday morning snuck up on us early — as it always seems to do on the wedding day when we have a big setup to do.  I think we should have done a “bloopers” reel for this one because abso-freaking-lutely everything that could go wrong, went wrong — but the bride never saw any of it!  And that’s what is most important, right?  We got a flat tire on one of the trucks before we even left the office.  The caterer accidentally took the keys to the entire villa with him when he went on a supply run, effectively locking the rest of us out of the building until about 30 minutes before the wedding.  But the best “oops” was something completely new for me — and I did warn the bride I would blog about it so it’s okay to go ahead and laugh at this story!

About an hour and a half before the wedding ceremony, I stopped by the villa where the bride was getting ready.  She looked beautiful even though her hair was still being done and she was sitting there in a wrap.  Then all hell broke loose.  Her brother David (who is the ultimate candidate for the Puerto Rican version of Jersey Shore) came into the room where Ines and her MoH Maritza were getting ready to announce that her father had accidentally locked them out of the bedroom where all their wedding clothes were stored.  No stress for the bride, eh?  Poor thing.  Her dress wasn’t locked in, so it wasn’t her problem.  In fact, I wish she hadn’t even heard about it.  But there was no way her father could walk her down the aisle in the sweaty shorts and wifebeater he’d been hanging out in all day long.  Wedding planner to the rescue!!!

Okay, so I wasn’t actually the one who came with the crowbar and the screwdrivers to break the lock — Michael from my team gets the credit for that.  But I did help out by calling all over the island trying to track down the house’s owner first to see if she had keys to the bedroom.  When she couldn’t be located one hour prior to the wedding, Michael broke the lock and saved the day.  Fortunately, turns out that there are no keys to that bedroom door so the owner would have had to have it broken anyway.  So Ines’ dad gets his pants in time and nobody lost their security deposit.  Yay!

Ines looked absolutely exquisite in her gown, with her very long hair done up in a sleek modified chignon.  She carried a bouquet of deep orange Asiatic lilies, and she wore an apricot Cymbidium orchid in her hair.  Her MoH looked lovely in a short strapless yellow bridesmaid dress that could definitely be worn again to a spring or summer party.  She carried a bouquet that matched the bride’s, only somewhat smaller.  Both bouquets were hand-tied with ivory satin ribbons.

The beach ceremony was romantic, with authentic Puerto Rican loves songs playing in the background as the guests gathered before the ceremony.  Fabulous rose petals, yellow to deep orange in color, were strewn down the aisle and blew a little bit in the breeze.  Some of the older couples were singing along with the guitar trio, and one couple even got up and started dancing.  It was a challenge to get everyone into their seats when it was time to send Terance to take his place waiting for Ines at the end of the aisle.

The sky stayed clear through the ceremony, and then we had a few raindrops as the cocktail hour began up at the villa.  But as quickly as it started, it stopped.  And before Ines and Terance made their grand entrance to the Black-Eye Peas, the sky was clear and the guests were dry.  Cocktail hour and first dances were held on the roof deck of the Quinta Jabali, with the panoramic view of the Caribbean in the background almost stealing the show.  Then just as the dark descended on us, everyone was invited downstairs for dinner on the lower deck.

After dinner, people were jumping out of their seats to start dancing before we’d even had a chance to start the toasts.  Once Ines had primped and fixed her lipstick, I had to get everybody back into their seats for some warm, heartfelt toasts.  It didn’t slow this group down a bit, and they were up dancing again as soon as the music re-started.

The cake was lovely and the guests gorged themselves.  What little was leftover was stashed in the fridge for the bride and groom to snack on for the remainder of their trip.  The bouquet toss and the garter were just plain silly — made even more so by the bride’s music selections for during those activities.  Not many people do the garter anymore, but this group was into it.  I’m sure they got some hilarious pictures.  The reception favors were bottles of Coqui Fire hot sauce with personalized thank you tags — and people snatched far more than the one per guest that had been alotted.  We’ve already had to order some more so that the bride and groom can have a few for themselves!

After a full and fabulous reception, everybody loaded up into their vehicles and headed down the hill to the after-party at Lazy Jack’s on the Malecon.  The owner had offered to plug in the bride’s iPod for dance music once they arrived.  He’s a great sport that way.  Ines and Terance spent a few more days at their fabulous private hillside villa before they jetted off to their honeymoon on the lovely island of St. Kitts.

Ines and Terance were a lot of fun to work for, and I wish that all brides could be as mellow as this one.  She was beautiful, charming and gracious.  There aren’t a lot of modern women who have all of those attributes and don’t lose them during the stress and strain of wedding hubbub.  Big props to Ines for all of her hard work planning, and her ability to sit back and enjoy the fun once she arrived here on the island.

Until next time, happy wedding planning from Weddings in Vieques!


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