Bombshell Beach Wedding Accessories

You already know that not all wedding gowns are suitable for a breezy beach wedding. Anything too thick, too heavy, or too long will make you sweaty and uncomfortable on what should be the most stress-free day of your life. However, while many brides put energy into finding the perfect, beach-ready gown, they neglect to pay as much attention to their wedding day accessories.

Your shoes, veil, hair accents, and other accessories contribute to your overall wedding day look and feel. Not only could choosing the wrong items make you clash with your wedding’s atmosphere, but they could also make you as uncomfortable as if you’d chosen the wrong dress, too. This guide will help you find the right beachy accessories to complement you and your wedding, so you can be stunning — and superbly relaxed — on your Big Day.


As is true of almost every aspect of your wedding-day attire, the most important feature of your shoes should be that you love them. Comfort and manageability are particularly important at a beach wedding, where you will likely be navigating difficult terrain, like rocks and sand. It should be little surprise that sandals are a common choice for beach brides because sandals are easy to get on and off, allow sand to slide through without irritation, and don’t cost much — so when saltwater and grit ruin them, it isn’t a major financial loss. Plus, you don’t have to walk down the aisle in $2 flip flops; there are some gorgeous, delicately detailed sandals that will surely match your wedding theme.

If you are committed to wearing heels, you should find a pair that are attractive, comfortable, and inexpensive. Experts strongly advise against purchasing anything secondhand, but you can find all sorts of affordable wedding shoes online. If you are savvy enough with your shoe budget, you might be able to get two pairs, so you can change during the reception and give your toes a break.


Not every bride wants a veil, but if you are considering adding the dramatic fabric to your wedding-day look, you absolutely must match it to the tone of your event. This means you should be careful to pick a veil that complements the style and color of your dress as well as its overall feel. Beach weddings are undeniably romantic, but they tend to be less formal, as well, which should factor into your veil choice.

Different veil styles offer different advantages and disadvantages on the beach:

  • Cathedral and chapel veils: They are long and dramatic, but they will hide much of your dress, will increase your temperature, and could catch in the wind, making your hair a mess.
  • Fingertip veils: They offer the traditional, formal bridal look without the maintenance of longer veils. However, they should probably be removed for the reception because they can impede movement.
  • Elbow veils: They are casual while still imparting bridal elegance.
  • Flyaway veils: They are playful and casual and balance well with simple dresses, like sheaths.
  • Birdcage veils: Because of their size, they are more adaptable than other veil styles. They can be positioned nearly anywhere on the head, and details like pearls and beading look wonderful.


Conversely, if you eschew the veil but still want some bling up top, you can consider headpieces for your Big Day. Though white diamond hair clips and tiaras are traditional, you are breaking with tradition by getting married on a beach in Vieques. Therefore, you should feel free to experiment with different wedding-day looks for your hair. Some options you might consider include:

  • Seashell crown. No matter where you get married, the place is a major element in the theme and atmosphere. You can embrace your beachy venue by adopting pieces of the beach into your look.
  • Beachy pins. If a crown is too heavy-handed, you can subtly incorporate the gorgeous scenery with small, shaped pins stuck in your up-do. Elegant options include starfish, sea glass, pearls, and shells.
  • Flower accent. Flowers fit well into both up and down hairstyles. Plus, you can add symmetry to your look by matching flowers from your bouquet in your hair.
  • Floppy beach hat. To keep your skin and eyes safe from the sun — and to ensure you can see your soon-to-be spouse as you say your vows — you might opt for a functional headpiece.

Until next time, happy wedding planning!





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