Bill’s Retirement Party on Food Network’s “Ace of Cakes”

Hi Everybody!I wanted to pop off a quick blog tonight because we’re going to be super busy over the next few days and I probably won’t have time to write. This weekend is my husband’s retirement party – he was a police captain for the past 29 years in the DC area. Our friends are throwing a fabulous retirement/going away party for us on Saturday night, and we’ll be back on Vieques for good on Monday.

I’ve planned a fabulous surprise for my husband at the party. We’re both fans of the Food Network television show “Ace of Cakes.” It’s about Duff Goldman, the pastry chef who owns the Charm City Bakery in Baltimore. He’s known for his “extreme” cakes. He does things like put fireworks in cakes and build giant cake animals by welding copper pipes together and covering them with fondant. It’s crazy. And we love it. I’ve said many times that if I’d known about Charm City Cakes when we got married, we would have gotten our wedding cake from Duff.

So I guess you could say I’ve been looking for an excuse to order a Charm City cake, and my husband’s retirement finally afforded me the opportunity. So a couple of months ago, I called up and talked to Mary Alice (those of you who are fans of the show know who I’m talking about) and was able to order a special cake as my retirement gift for Bill. I ordered a small scale model of his unmarked police car, complete with working lights and sirens. Mary Alice even gave me a “police discount” on the cake, which cost more than my first car.

Then I got an email a few weeks ago from the producers of the “Ace of Cakes” television show asking if we were interested in participating in a segment of the show because they loved the police car idea. I was thrilled and have been working with them ever since to pull of the surprise. Last Friday, with the help of a very special police sergeant in my husband’s police department (thank you Brad Hanna), I stole my husband’s police car and took it up to Baltimore to show it to Duff. You see, I tried to take pictures of it for them, but it has so many LEDs and strobes and other stuff on it that I couldn’t get the picture to show them all at once. The neighborhood kids even nicknamed his car “the Batmobile.”

So we took the car up to Charm City Cakes in Baltimore for Duff to do a “field trip.” It was hilarious. I don’t know what it is about lights and sirens that turns grown men into seven year olds, but Duff was so freakin funny. They filmed us for almost two whole hours, and I felt so sorry for the sound guy who was not only hearing the sirens in person, but also through his headset because three of us were wearing microphones. Duff said he’s going to totally hook the cake up with all kinds of lights and stuff to make it as close a replica of the real car as possible. I’m so excited.

But the icing on the cake (pun intended) is that Duff is going to deliver the cake personally to our party on Saturday night. He, and the film crew of course, are going to arrive before the party starts and set up the cake (apparently it’s huge and will take up an entire dining room table), and then we’ll bring Bill in for the surprise. I just hope he recognizes Duff when he sees him! In the midst of the chaos of the party, with all of our friends and this crazy loud cake, I hope he realizes who the chef is with the cake. Because I know he’s going to recognize it as a Charm City Cake the minute he sees it!

Okay, how cool is that? We’re going to be on a February episode of the show. I’m so excited. What a great retirement present! Bill can see his retirement party over and over again in reruns.

What’s funny now is that I’m writing this blog and posting it and everybody else in the world knows about the surprise, but Bill hasn’t got a clue. That’ll teach him to not read my blog – ha!

Okay, okay… so now you’re thinking that I’m not going to write any helpful wedding tips today and you’ve read my babble for no reason. You’re almost right. I’ve deviated from my usual pattern of doling out helpful hints for just one night in order to indulge (read brag) about my coup in getting Duff to deliver Bill’s cake. He is going to be so surprised!

I’ll write again once we get back to Vieques on Monday. Wish me luck with the big surprise! And shhh… don’t tell Bill. It’s a secret.


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