Bianca Jones and Bryan Adams (May 2014)

10348825_793203480690429_8393503533368421643_oPrior to hiring Sandy we had a Wedding Planner we had to let go of. We were distraught and didn’t know how we were going to pull off our daughters dream wedding. When Sandy agreed to take over planning the wedding, we were relieved but still had doubts things would work out. There were so many details and ideas to execute in such a short time. Little did we know that no job was too difficult for Sandy Malone to take on as she seems to welcome challenges. In less than three months, Sandy and her team managed to succeed in turning around what would have been a huge disaster. She is truly the best in the business! 

-Andrea Jones (Mother of the Bride)

Bianca and Bryan Adams, married in Puerto Rico on May 24. 2014. 

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