Andrea Eller and Robert Ramos (July 2008)

We had an incredibly amazing wedding in Vieques! It truly ended up being a “dream wedding” and I will always appreciate that.

We almost ended up without a planner at all, and that could have been a major disastro!!!! Sandy made everything logistically breezy! Although we had already hired several of our vendors before we decided on Sandy, we had run into a few snafus that she was able to smooth out. All of the vendors were great, I mean great! The food from Bili’s was phenomenal, the Willy Colon band was so perfect for our event, and the cupcakes from Elsie were a BIG hit, particularly from the 20 kids who attended our wedding!

We had a huge wedding party (or as Sandy put it par-tay) and over 90 guests all from the mainland. Sandy and Bill handled it, they really balance each other out. What a smart idea to move to Vieques to be wedding planners! And yes, everyone on the island knew who we were, partly from Sandy’s exceptional PR work, and partly of course from our HUGE group of guests who respectfully drank out every bar in town! It was the trip of a lifetime!

Andrea Eller and Robert Ramos, Married in Vieques on July 5, 2008

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