Alissa’s Insider Perspective on Interning for a Caribbean Destination Wedding Planning Company

Hello everyone!

Well, it is getting to that point where I’m starting to realize how quickly things are creeping up on me, including the end of this internship.  Summer has been amazing but unfortunately it is flying by.  I only have a couple more weeks on Vieques Island, and then I have to go back home to the cows and cornfields of good ole’ Nebraska.  What this means is that we are now on the search for my replacement for the fall season internship with Weddings in Vieques.

In the next two weeks, I will be helping to screen and process resumes and cover letters of those candidates applying for the fall internship.  This internship will run from October 1st to December 20th.  Sandy has recently posted a blog that includes a description of the internship and some of the details, so I will go over a few things that I will be looking for in a candidate and some more information for those seeking this position.

From my experience, I will say that this internship is a great opportunity for anyone looking to gain work experience related to small business management, communications, marketing, event planning, wedding planning and public relations.  The internship can act as a supplement to your education by giving you hands-on experience. And in doing this internship you will learn A LOT.  There are many details involved in wedding planning and it takes versatility to perform the various tasks needed to put on a successful destination wedding.  If things don’t go according to plan, you have to be able to keep your composure and find a solution to whatever it is you’re dealing with.  This is really important because the clients are depending on the wedding planning crew to give them the wedding of their
dreams.  You can never let it show if you’re stressed out about something because it would freak them out.  The goal is to fix any problems before the clients know about them in the first place.

As Sandy noted in her blog about the internship, it is important that a candidate have excellent written and oral communications skills and an outgoing personality.  Almost everything you do for the internship will require some level of written or oral communication.  As part of the wedding planning crew, you have to deal with many different types of people, whether it is vendors, wedding guests, etc., so these characteristics are very important.

Lastly, this internship is not easy-you will work your butt off and deal with situations that can be stressful.  It requires some resilience and maturity.  The schedule can be quite unpredictable (don’t worry, you’ll be able to squeeze in plenty of beach time).

Interning for Weddings in Vieques gives you the opportunity to work with and learn from knowledgeable and experienced professionals.  What you gain from the internship is definitely worth the hard work!  Plus, who can complain about spending a couple months in the Caribbean?  And getting college credit for it?  Sweet deal.

That’s all for now!  Start sending those resumes and cover letters to me at!


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