8 Reasons I Love My Husband Even More After 8 Years of Marriage

Hello Everybody!

It’s my 8th wedding anniversary today – Bill and I were married on September 4, 2004, at 5:30 pm at Hacienda Tamarindo on Vieques Island, Puerto Rico.  I never felt a seven-year-itch so I don’t know what that’s like, but no marriage is perfect – not even the wedding planner’s.  Marriage is a partnership, a work in progress and a challenge every day.  Marriage is hard – divorce is relatively easy in comparison.  Every day I thank God that I have the most wonderful husband in the world, and today I’m going to share eight reasons why.  Enjoy!

1)      My former SWAT team commander husband has let me turn his gun range bag into a Bridal Emergency Bag.  It has the best pockets for all sorts of stuff, and a pull-out section (meant for ammo) that is awesome for holding curling irons, hair brushes, etc.

2)      The only thing my husband is jealous of is my computer.  And we’re working on that.

3)      My husband always takes my side, even when I’m wrong.  Sometimes he expresses his own opinion privately, and often it changes my outlook and approach to things.  But in public, we’re always a team.

4)      After 30 years in law enforcement in the nation’s capitol, my husband is okay with being the wedding planner’s assistant on a tropical island.  Any day of the week he could start consulting in his chosen field – even (or especially) down here in Puerto Rico.  But he hasn’t. Because I need him and he knows it.

5)      We both have a tendency to be nocturnal (it’s the only time my phone shuts up long enough to get any writing done).  This leads, over time, to sleep deprivation since I’m usually in the office by 8 am.  So Bill reads to me in bed at night when we go to bed at a reasonable hour (by 2 am).  Usually he only gets a paragraph in before I zonk, but he knows my mind goes a million miles a minute and when he reads, I only last a few.  It’s just the sweetest thing ever.

6)      My husband balances out my rough edges.  Sometimes my approach to things (life, work, employees, family) can be a little brash.  I’m always in a hurry, and sometimes I forget that the people I should give the most courtesy to are my family and friends.  Bill reminds me.

7)      He knows my flaws, he knows my weaknesses, he knows my fears, and he knows my family… and he still loves me.

8)      After 2,922 days of marriage (including two leap years), we still never run out of things to talk about.  He’s the first person I want to share good news with, and he’s the first shoulder I want to cry on.  He’s my best friend in the entire world and I couldn’t live without him.

Happy Anniversary Bill!  I love you.  And I’m taking tomorrow off from weddings all day just for you!

Until next time (later this week), happy wedding planning from Weddings in Vieques and Weddings in Culebra from the luckiest wedding planner in the Caribbean!


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