10 Tips for a Valentine’s Day Elopement — It’s Not Too Late to Get Married in the Caribbean

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It’s the first day of February and we all know what that means, don’t we?  He’s only got 13 days left to pop the question!  And for some of you, it might be just the right time to end the super-long engagement and take the plunge.  It’s still possible to get married by Valentine’s Day of 2012 if you want to, but here are 10 tips to help make it as painless as possible for you.  Remember, wedding planning (especially elopements) is supposed to be fun!

1)      Keep it simple!  If you wanted the chaos and hassle of a huge wedding, you would have had one.  Enjoy the fact that it’s just the two of you experiencing this moment, or drag along a few of your best friends or your parents to witness it.  But don’t get crazy and try to bring the whole crew at the last minute.

2)      Choose a destination or locale that suits you and your taste and style – don’t be a victim of a cookie-cutter wedding a big resort where you’re the fourth bride down the same aisle on the same day and you get to choose Bouquet A, B or C.

3)      Don’t skimp on photography, especially if you’re not bringing along all your friends to witness the big moment.  Spend what you must to hire a professional photographer to document the big day because you’ll have those pictures forever.

4)      Use professionals wherever  you go – be wary of the guesthouse owner who is also your chef and your minister and the florist and the wedding planner.  Nobody can be an expert at all things.  In this economy, people are trying to wear as many hats as they can carry.

5)      Choose a special scent for your wedding day.  Something new that you absolutely love – get bath gel and lotion that work with the perfume, and save all of it for your wedding day.  It creates a lasting memory for your senses.

6)      Select a dress that’s functional for your wedding.  You should absolutely wear whatever you want to wear.  But if you have never worn a sari or something complicated like that, don’t wait til you’re supposed to head down the aisle to figure it out on uTube on your iPhone.

7)      Make sure the restaurant you’ve chosen for your wedding dinner knows that it isn’t just any ordinary night.  A wedding planner should be able to make special arrangements for you, but if you don’t have one, call the restaurant yourself and see what you can arrange.  Perhaps a special tasting menu?

8)      Don’t go too cheap on your accommodations.  This is your wedding, and it will be the room you share on your wedding night.  Even if you’re there alone getting married, you’re making a lifetime memory and you’re going to want air conditioning, decent lighting, and a good solid bed.

9)      Turn off your telephone.  If you wanted to talk to everybody you knew during your wedding weekend, why didn’t you invite them?  Turn the phone off and spend some quality time with your new mate for life.

10)   Choose your destination wisely.  Puerto Rico, for example, doesn’t require passports or blood tests for non-residents.  Other places may have residency requirements or other medical pre-requisites.  Figure out if you can get what’s required before you have your heart set on getting married there.

Until next time, happy wedding planning from Weddings in Vieques!


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